Layla Kaisi Collection jewellery is made with high quality precious materials. Each piece is made by hand with care taken to every detail, and if you treat it nicely, our jewellery can last a lifetime. Please take note of the following guidelines for handling your jewellery pieces so you may be able to preserve their original quality and enjoy them for many years to come. 
  • When getting ready place your jewellery on last to avoid any contact with hairsprays, perfumes or lotions.
  • While these pieces are durable enough to wear every day we highly recommend removing your jewellery pieces before showering, swimming, working out and applying sprays/lotions. 
  • Never sleep/ bathe with your jewellery. 
  • Special care should be taken with chains as they are more prone to snagging/ breakage if treated roughly, so please ensure to remove before sleeping, showering, and rigorous exercise. When not worn it is best to lay them out flat to avoid tangling. 
  • We recommend you to store your jewellery in their protective boxes/pouches that they came in at all times when not in use, as it will help to avoid natural scratching/ tarnishing that would occur when left with other jewellery/items. 
  • After each wear, wipe the metal surface gently down with a suede or soft cloth and store it in its protective box/pouch.

For any other questions regarding the care of your jewellery pieces, feel free to email us: