minimalist fine jewellery

Layla Kaisi Collection is a directional take on fine jewellery, blending the old art of handcrafted jewellery, with the evolving aesthetic of understated style. Inspired by the intimate sophistication of everyday objects viewed through a lens of abstraction; each piece is crafted through the purpose of finding true essentialism. 

Created by Auckland based designer, Layla Kaisi; the inaugural collection features designs handmade in Auckland, New Zealand.

| Fine Jewellery for the Minimalist Soul 

Photography: Tori Diamond | Model: Loren Blossom

heres to you

With an effortless style and sophisticated minimalism; you are in the know about the latest trends and find inspiration in the everyday. You are part of a new age of design, which mixes both the old art of handcrafted fine jewellery with modern minimalist silhouettes.

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