Custom Jewellery Design at LKC

Transforming signature LKC designs into your vision
Step 1

Initial Consult

First, we begin by exploring your chosen design inspiration, which you can select from any of our previous creations at LKC. We then take note of any additional preferences that may assist us in building your custom vision as we delve into the intricate details of your chosen design, honing in on the features that you love the most.

Step 2

Discuss Details

You take the lead, selecting the size and shape of the central gemstone, whether a mesmerising diamond or coloured stone, matched perfectly to your chosen setting. Additionally, choose the metal and finish that resonates with your style. With this personal touch, these beloved pieces transform into cherished masterpieces that reflect your individuality.

Step 3

Gem Presentation

Finally according to your design, we discuss the different precious stone options according to lifestyle and budget, before we source the perfect piece for your chosen design.

Step 4


From here we create a final design rendering featuring the elements chosen, along with an exact quote (including delivery and any necessary insurance) for you to review prior to inititating crafting.


Why LKC Custom

Enter the world of 'Signature Unveiled,' where Layla Kaisi Collection allows you to personalise any of our designs to your heart's desire. You take the lead with your design.

We invite you to explore a personal journey that transforms our pieces into an extension of your identity.

With our custom process, you have the power to make each design distinctly yours. Whether it's the size and shape of the central gemstone, the choice of metals, or the addition of personalised accents – every detail is meticulously tailored to reflect your taste and style.

Welcome to a world where our designs become the canvas for your narrative, an extraordinary collection reflecting the essence of you.

Client Feedback

Our Mission

Experience LKC Signature Unveiled Custom: where our designs become the canvas for your unique narrative. A fusion of classic LKC style and your unique essence.

Embrace our iconic designs, that are personalized to tell your individual story. Let us guide you on this journey of refinement and artistry. Your vision, our craftsmanship, for an extraordinary combination.

LKC Custom - Unveil a masterpiece that is unmistakably you.




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