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About Us - Kaisi Necklace

Layla Kaisi Collection is a directional take on fine jewellery, blending the old art of handcrafted jewellery, with the evolving aesthetic of understated style.

Inspired by the intimate sophistication of everyday objects viewed through a lens of abstraction; each piece is crafted through the purpose of finding true essentialism. 

| Fine Jewellery for the Minimalist Soul 

 About Layla Kaisi

'Jewellery was not always my passion, I saw it as just an accessory, an addition. 

That is until I watched my dad work with clients; with the stories, the thanks and the history each piece created for them. I realised jewellery is one of the few things in this world that can transcend time. It carries a moment, carries emotion like no other object could. It is a physical representation of history. 

This is why I stand for made-to-order, this way we don't create designs and hope someone will come fill them. We begin creation according to when your story begins, custom made to your moment.'

- Layla x

Layla Kaisi