Bespoke Jewellery Design at LKC

Transforming your vision into exquisite masterpieces.
Step 1

Initial Consult

We start with a private consultation where we discuss your ideas, allowing us to understand your style preferences and gather your initial thoughts for the perfect design. This collaborative process aids us in forming a clear picture of your vision. Together, we focus on the broader concept you have in mind, laying the essential foundations for your unique piece.

Step 2

Design the vision

Following that, we will provide our expert guidance by presenting various concepts and potential design styles for your review. Based on your feedback, we will produce developed iterations that feature your favourite elements; enabling us to refine the concept until the final design aligns perfectly with your vision.

An elegant Diamond stud
Step 3

Gem Selection

To conclude the design phase, we source and present a thoughtfully curated selection of the finest precious stone options for your chosen design. We then discuss the selection, allowing you to compare these distinct pieces while considering factors like your budget, personal preferences, and lifestyle; ensuring you make the perfect choice for your design.

Step 4


With the design elements in place, your bespoke design is now ready for evaluation. We will present the final design rendering, including all intricate details. From there, we provide an exact quotation for your review, covering the total cost. Once confirmed, we start crafting your exquisite piece to bring your vision to reality!


Our Mission

LKC designs give permission for people to use their imagination (to play). You are not restricted by a rigid menu of possibilities. Instead, you are guided into the freest potential of design.

Step by step you are shown you are capable of creating something more incredible than you ever imagined. A design you could previously not describe into words, yet somehow you have been behind every detail in bringing it together.

Your story, transcribed into creation. Unset from the rules.

This is LKC : The pursuit of design potential

This is LKC : The pursuit of design potential

This is LKC : The pursuit of design potential


Why LKC Bespoke

Experimental is our forté //

Layla Kaisi Collection is all about creating luxury in ways no one has ever seen before. Layla uses experimental design and one-of-a-kind precious stones in each of her projects. LKC is here to change perspective on what it means to really create bespoke fine jewellery.

Like works of art that start from a blank canvas, Layla's pieces are meticulously designed over countless hours. There are no set styles, and no settling on a close-enough option. Each detail is guided by your taste.

You: the essence of the piece - unbound from the rules.

A close-up of a hand holding a glass wearing a Toi et Moi Diamond Ring.




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