Treat the Girls: Bridesmaids Jewellery Gift Guide

Treat the Girls: Bridesmaids Jewellery Gift Guide

Bridesmaid proposals have become a very sweet way of asking your chosen girls to be a part of your wedding day. The gesture usually includes a gift when asking as, after all, being a bridesmaid is not a small ask! As an integral part of your wedding day, your closest friends will help you with every important detail, such as choosing wedding dresses, hosting bachelorette parties, and preparing you the morning of your big day. What better way to say thank you to your girls for sticking by you than a thoughtful pre-wedding gift? We recommend a little jewellery present that can double as a wedding day accessory.

Whether you want to have your girls in personalised necklaces, matching rings, handpicked bracelets or the perfect earring to match your bridesmaids' aesthetic, we have curated the perfect bridesmaid's gift guide below; it will save you from hours of googling and searching for the 'perfect' gift.

Custom Cut Initial Signet Rings:

Personalised gifts always mean more to the loved ones receiving them as it shows you have put the time and energy into getting something, especially for them. Initials have always been a go-to personalised touch to jewellery. Initial jewellery is a gift that represents the person you are gifting to.

Why not gift your girls A twist on the traditional signet ring, a timeless piece they will keep forever.

Introducing our ultra-bespoke LKC signet ring range. Featuring custom cut diamond letters, precision-cut into any letter of the alphabet using one solid diamond piece. These bespoke diamonds are flush set into an 18ct yellow gold or platinum round head signet ring.

These diamonds are cut to order exclusively from us and require not only extreme skill but also the correct sized diamond rough to produce letters of such high quality. No expense has been spared to create these pieces.


LKC's Bespoke Signet Ring

Ruby Red Earrings:


Red is the colour of the season, and pairing your bridesmaid's attire with pops of ruby red will elevate that look. These little gifts will also be the perfect ode to the vintage aesthetic currently dominating the fashion world. Perfect for your girls to pair with their favourite outfits this season.

A distinctive form, add design subtlety with Motif. These stud earrings can be worn either horizontally or vertically on the lobe, featuring 12 round cut 1.5mm rubies claw set in solid 18ct yellow gold. 18ct yellow gold butterfly included.

LKC's 18ct Gold Stud Earrings


Sapphire Bracelets:


Gift your girls a little something blue. We know the tradition is to give the bride this treat, but we think the luck would only double with more 'something blues' presents on your wedding day. A dainty silver bracelet featuring a little blue sapphire hanging from the end, it's sweet, timeless and thoughtful. Sapphires symbolise power and strength but also kindness and wise judgement, traits your chosen bridesmaids give to you by supporting you through the happiest planning period of your life.


Blue Sapphire


Drop Earrings:


Elegant, elongated earrings are the best match for high-neckline bridesmaid's dresses or a touch of symmetry for bridesmaids opting for unique dresses and/or colours. The elongated design adds a vertical dimension that subtly draws the eyes downward, creating a visual flow that complements a variety of dress styles and colours. Be inspired by balance, and add harmony and contrast with Distinct. These drop stud earrings feature 5x3mm half moon cut yellow diamonds and 3mm round rose cut white diamonds bezel set in solid 18ct yellow gold. 18ct yellow gold butterfly included.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, Distinct earrings serve as a thoughtful and versatile bridesmaid gift. The elongated silhouette not only enhances the overall look but also allows for wear on various occasions, transcending the wedding day. Your bridesmaids can effortlessly transition from the ceremony to future events, carrying with them a timeless piece that encapsulates your gratitude.

Bespoke Drop Diamond Earrings


Tennis Bracelets:


Tennis bracelets, how much more do we need to say? They are timeless, classic, feminine and will elevate anything you wear them with. Besides, all of these diamonds are arguably the best present full stop. Matching tennis bracelets for the girls will not only show your gratitude to them but will also be the perfect memento of the day for them; they will tell a story.



Tennis Diamond Bracelet

Bespoke Pieces:


Choosing bespoke jewellery for your bridesmaids is a thoughtful way to say thank you. These custom pieces are unique and show that you've put in extra effort to pick something special for each friend. Unlike mass-produced items, bespoke jewellery is one-of-a-kind, crafted to match each bridesmaid's individual style. By going for bespoke, you're not just giving them a nice accessory; you're handing them a meaningful keepsake that reflects your shared memories. It's a personal touch that goes beyond a standard gift, demonstrating your effort to make each friend feel seen and valued. The process of creating bespoke pieces involves collaboration, making it a shared experience that strengthens your connection with your bridesmaids. From personalised engravings to choosing meaningful gemstones, bespoke jewellery is a tangible way to celebrate the unique bond you share with each member of your bridal party.

Bespoke Jewellery Piece
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