How To Incorporate The ‘Four Somethings’ Into Your Wedding

How To Incorporate The ‘Four Somethings’ Into Your Wedding

The tradition of wearing "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue" has long been a cherished guide for soon-to-be-weds as they carefully select their wedding attire. This age-old tradition is rooted in superstition and symbolism. "Something old" represents continuity with the bride's past and family, preserving her heritage. "Something new" embodies optimism for the future, symbolising hope and happiness in the couple's life together. "Something borrowed" is a token of support and marital bliss from a friend or family member, signifying community and togetherness. "Something blue" stands for purity, fidelity, and love, symbolising the bride's commitment to her spouse. Together, these elements are believed to bring good luck, happiness, and a strong foundation to the newlyweds' marriage, making them integral to wedding traditions worldwide.


Something Old:

Beyond its superstitions, this age-old saying infuses weddings with both intention and style. "Something Old" is particularly intriguing, as it encourages couples to incorporate deep sentimental value into their wedding look, creating a carefully curated sense of history. For this item, we love the idea of seeking out a family heirloom. Family heirlooms are the perfect 'something old' as they are quite literally symbols of continuity with the bride's familial past and ancestry. An heirloom does not have to be something big, expensive or even particularly notable. It could be a simple pendant, chain or ring that has been handed down in generations.

If your gifted heirloom is not to your taste, that is no problem! Heirloom redesigns are a popular way to maintain the sentimental value of a piece while also tailoring it to your taste! At LKC, we take everything into account when we redesign with you. This means we look at the precious stones in your current heirloom and ensure they are viable to reuse. We also consider the design you want to create and work with you to ensure the vision for what you want to create and your current heirloom that we are working with is seamless.

A bride with flowers in her hand walking towards the house


Something new:

Now, this one is easy. Pick out something you love, something that will commemorate your wedding day and something you will cherish forever. We have picked out some one-of-a-kind pieces that won't just be perfect for your wedding day but are also one-off designs, so no one else will have anything like it.


Be inspired by balance, and add harmony and contrast with Distinct. These drop stud earrings feature 5x3mm half moon cut yellow diamonds and a 3mm round rose-cut white diamonds bezel set in solid 18ct yellow gold. 18ct yellow gold butterfly included.
​Handcrafted in New Zealand

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A bride flaunting Drop Diamond Earrings called Distinct from Layla Kaisi Collection


Here at LKC, we have created a masterpiece. A One of a Kind that captures the tones of a cocktail-blue afternoon sky, uninhibited laughter, and the sea kindling its own symphony.
The ocean is waiting, lovers. Restore and relax.
It features elongated hexagonal cut sapphires set vertically and framed by a medley of trilliant and pear-cut white diamonds set in platinum.
​Handcrafted in New Zealand

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A bride wearing Hexagonal Cut Sapphire Diamond Earring, Reverie from Layla Kaisi Collection



Here at LKC, we have created a masterpiece. A One of a Kind that mirrors the vogue construct of style. Featuring rare modified pear cut white and cognac diamonds, with softened tips that create that oh-so-oveted egg-like shape to the stones. Each diamond is bezel set in a thick 18ct yellow gold Toi et Moi style open band.​

Handcrafted in New Zealand

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A bride wearing Toi et Moi Diamond Ring from Layla Kaisi Collection


Something Borrowed:

For this part of the tradition, we are big fans of borrowing past wedding items used in other family members' weddings. Not only is this budget-friendly, but it adds a sentimental touch to part of your wedding. Our personal favourite 'something borrowed' are veils, headpieces, jewellery, table toppers or seat decorations.


A bride covering her face with a veil

Something Blue:

Your something blue can be something special and personal. Something just for you, your treat to yourself for the day. We have the perfect something blue. Crafted and inspired by the bliss and envelopment of intimate love of wedding days. We introduce you to Form.

The blue sky paints the day with an anticipated sense of prosperity. It whispers secrets of a foretold timeline ahead, holding cosmic knowledge in its vast embrace and inviting curious souls to unravel the enigmas hidden within its depths.

You are ready, awaiting a clandestine dance of love and liberation, weaving a tale of audacity and spontaneity.

You find solace in simplicity. With no distractions or grandiose productions, you bask in the purity of connection, intertwining your lives amongst hidden corners in the heritage of a cityscape.

Veiled in ease and chic simplicity, you don a new raiment. Your reflection confirms your desired appearance with a nod. Soft, floral aromas grace the air. Everything is in place. Everything is perfect.

Calming breaths and murmuring incantations of borrowed sentiments walk alongside you. You make your way together through the cobblestone streets of something old, adorned in an effortless something new, remembering the reciting of something borrowed, towards a union, the meeting of two lovers.

Here at LKC, we have created a masterpiece. A One of a Kind that manifests the merging of an unlikely connection.

It features an icy blue octagonal cut sapphire, paired with a contrasting champagne kite cut diamond, horizontally set, pointing towards the sapphire. Each precious stone is chevron set in 18ct yellow gold on a square profile band that transitions to a knife edge towards the kite-cut diamond.

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Blue Sapphire and Kite Cut Diamond Ring, Form designed by Layla Kaisi Collection

Wedding Shoot Credits:

All photography credit to Eilish Burt 📷
Stylist: With love 👰‍♀️
Venue and catering: Puketutu Island Estate & Urban Gourmet
BTs photography: Nectar Photography
Florist: Floral Centric
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Table decor: Royal Laboratorie
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Gowns: Brooke Tyson Ritual
Suits/shoes: Crane Brothers
Makeup: Prita Fermah
Hair: Kayleigh Creates
Hair accessories: Crystal and Cord
Models: Courtney & Nick (Real couple)
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