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Taking Your Jewellery Away with You


My biggest fear while travelling is setting off airport security. I know I don't carry dangerous goods. But I do wear jewellery. If you want to avoid the flustering, stuttering and ignominy of setting off airport security, this article is for you.

It is recommended to do research before travelling with your jewellery. I have done that for you. Below is everything you need to know about travelling with your jewellery. 


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Packing Your Jewellery: Carry-on or Checked Baggage?



Step one: Do you pack jewellery in your carry-on or checked baggage. Regarding safeguarding your jewellery during air travel, your carry-on bag is your best friend.


Carry-on: The Preferred Choice


Why? Jewellery is often expensive, making it a prime target for theft.


Recommendation: Whenever possible, pack your jewellery in your hand luggage. A thief would need to be right under your nose to take jewellery from your carry-on. 


Why? Your carry-on stays with you throughout your journey, eliminating the risk of loss or theft associated with checked baggage.


Recommendation: Invest in a travel jewellery case for extra peace of mind. These specialised cases offer added protection, ensuring your jewellery stays organised and secure during your flight.


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Airport Security Check: What to Keep in Mind


If you wear your everyday fine jewellery pieces, you will not set off airport security. The airport security screening checks can only be set off by large amounts of heavy metal. 


Recommendation: Most fine jewellery and small pieces should pass through airport security without a hitch. However, bulky or metal-heavy items may trigger additional screening. To expedite the process, remove these pieces and place them in your carry-on before approaching security.


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Airport Security: Requesting a Private Check


Airport security, while often long and painful, is necessary. If you carry more expensive items like engagement rings or precious stones, it is unwise to draw attention to their value.


Tip: Private Screening


Why? To ensure the security of your jewellery without drawing unnecessary attention.


Recommendation: If you're concerned about your jewellery attracting unwanted attention, request a private screening with an airport security officer. This discreet process helps maintain the confidentiality of your valuable pieces.


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A Word of Caution: Travelling with Expensive Jewellery


While it's tempting to showcase your finest jewellery during your travels, it's often best to leave the most expensive pieces at home.


Why? Air travel involves a lot of movement. Worrying about costly jewellery can add unnecessary stress to your trip.


Recommendation: If you must travel with expensive jewellery, get it insured.


Here's what to do:


  • Visual Inventory: Before your trip, take photos of each jewellery item you plan to bring, noting their value. Remember to keep receipts as proof.
  • Keep It Secure: Store your jewellery safely in a travel jewellery case when you are not wearing it. You can carry this with you or use the hotel safe.
  • Stay Low-Key: Avoid flaunting the value of your jewellery when you're out and about. Ask airport security for a private screening if you're concerned about potential thieves taking notice.


An extravagant bespoke ring designed by Layla Kaisi Collection




Remember to pack your jewellery wisely. Pack in a carry-on, and get insurance for valuable pieces. Keep them secure in a travel case and maintain a low profile. By following these steps, travelling with your jewellery will be no problem. Safe travels!


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