Top 10 Things To Do During The Covid-19 Self-Isolation

Top 10 Things To Do During The Covid-19 Self-Isolation


As we all find ourselves in a strange time within our history, walking into the studio for the last time before lockdown hit home how impactful this entire situation has become. The future is uncertain, and anxiety is running high, however in typical LKC fashion, we want to pass a baton of positivity; because someday, people in another generation will look back and take note on how we handled ourselves and our communities during this pandemic.

It's like they say, if you can't control a situation, you can at least control how you react to it. So, let us give them something to be proud about in these unprecedented times.

We compiled a list of family friendly, creative and hands on To-Do’s that everyone at home can work on during these coming weeks – and we will be joining in too!

LKC’s Top 10 To-Do’s


Puzzles + games – Gather the family for a fun, challenging and time-consuming activity

scrabble board


Learn a language - Start speaking together using new words to reinforce the learning, maybe even pick up Te Reo Maori

languages painted on wooden panels


See that dusty guitar? Perhaps undust it…

Acoustic guitar on bed with white sheets


In a time of isolation, a kind and thoughtful letter goes a long way. Send one to your neighbour and give them a lovely surprise!

Typewriter with blank page on white table


2 weeks to become the next Da Vinci? Challenge accepted!

Art palette with colourful dried paint


Gordan Ramsay or Jamie Oliver? Why not both? That’s enough recipes for a lifetime

Two hands chopping green leaves with vegetables on chopping board


Journal Writing – Write about your experiences and emotions throughout this entire journey, perhaps convert it into a poem or a short story.

Girl in a cafe writing in a journal on a wooden table


Go on virtual zoo tours, no seriously! Cincinnati Zoo

Giraffe with tongue out in a zoo


Have a slice of culture from the comforts of home; check out Google’s Art History archives

grey hand statue holding mask


Have the kids help decorate for Christmas! It may sound strange but putting up lights and ornaments not only brings the family together, but the decorations will bring some joy into the house.

Christmas tree out of focus on a green background

    To all our lovers out there, please stay safe, stay kind and keep smiling.





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