What are The Different Types of Jewellery?

What are The Different Types of Jewellery?

How are Types of Jewellery Differentiated?

We can explore the differentiation of jewellery through their style, choice of metal, incorporation of stones, and the intricacies of the design process. To comprehend the distinctiveness of various jewellery pieces, it's essential to delve into these elements:

Their style

Jewellery can be differentiated by different styles. Jewellery styles often follow the genres of fashion and are used to complement or complete an outfit look. For example, if you are wearing a bright-coloured jumper, you may pair it with minimalist jewellery to compliment the look.

The metal used

The choice of metal, be it gold, white gold, platinum, or others, significantly influences a piece of jewellery's appearance, durability, and cost.

Stones used

Gemstones, including diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds, lend colour and character to jewellery, often carrying symbolic significance.

Their design process

Jewellery can be handcrafted or mass-produced, customised to the customer's preferences, and influenced by various artistic visions, resulting in a wide variety of designs and aesthetics.

Gold locket

Types of Jewellery

Semi-Fine Jewellery

Semi-fine jewellery, also known as demi-fine jewellery, occupies a niche between fashion or costume jewellery and fine jewellery. It is crafted using high-quality materials such as sterling silver, vermeil (gold-plated silver), and quality gemstones, offering a step up in terms of durability and craftsmanship compared to fashion jewellery. While it does not reach the luxury and price point of fine jewellery, semi-fine jewellery provides an affordable option for those seeking well-crafted, lasting pieces with a touch of sophistication.

Fine Handcrafted Jewellery

Fine handcrafted jewellery, characterised by exceptional craftsmanship, precious materials, high-quality gemstones, customisation, limited production, artistic expression, and value as an investment, represents the pinnacle of artisanal jewellery creation, offering unique and rare pieces that are both works of art and valuable adornments.

Why is Fine Handcrafted Jewellery Better?

The perception of whether fine handcrafted jewellery is "better" than semi-fine jewellery is subjective and depends on individual preferences and priorities. Fine handcrafted jewellery is often considered superior in various aspects due to its exceptional craftsmanship, use of precious materials, and unique designs. In contrast, semi-fine jewellery provides a more accessible and affordable option for those seeking quality pieces without the high cost. Some individuals may prefer fine handcrafted jewellery over semi-fine, including its superior quality, investment value, exclusivity, and emphasis on artistic expression. On the other hand, some prefer semi-fine jewellery for its affordability, offering a practical choice for those who want quality and style without the high cost associated with fine jewellery. Ultimately, the choice between the two depends on one's budget, style preferences, and whether they prioritise rarity and artistry or cost-effective elegance.

High Jewellery

High jewellery, or haute joaillerie, is the pinnacle of the jewellery world, characterised by exceptional craftsmanship, the use of precious materials like high-carat gold and platinum, and the inclusion of rare, top-quality gemstones. These pieces are meticulously crafted by master artisans, often one-of-a-kind, and known for their innovative and avant-garde designs, pushing the boundaries of traditional jewellery to create unique and highly valuable works of art. High jewellery represents the ultimate in luxury and exclusivity, coveted by collectors and connoisseurs for its exceptional beauty and rarity.

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The Jewellery Categories


A piece of jewellery worn around the neck.


A decorative band or chain that is worn around the wrist or arm.


Ornaments worn on the earlobes, often attached with posts or hooks.


Circular bands are typically worn on the fingers, often symbolising love or commitment.


Decorative chains or bands worn around the ankles.


Ornamental accessories for the hair, including tiaras, crowns, and hairpins.

Blue Sapphire Ring

Types of Jewellery Based on Style


A minimalist jewellery style is characterised by its simplicity, featuring clean and uncluttered designs with limited materials, often emphasising high-quality metals and the absence of intricate details or excessive embellishments. The beauty of minimalist jewellery lies in its understated elegance and versatility, making it an ideal choice for those who prefer clean lines and a subtle, timeless aesthetic that can effortlessly complement a wide range of outfits and occasions.

A minimalist styled ring


A maximalist jewellery style is characterised by opulent, intricate designs, the bold use of materials, layering and stacking multiple pieces, and an unapologetic embrace of excess. Maximalist jewellery pieces often feature an abundance of precious and semi-precious gemstones, vibrant colours, and ornate patterns, creating statement pieces that are bold and visually captivating, catering to those who appreciate extravagance and want their jewellery to be a focal point of their attire.

A Toi et Moi ring designed by Layla Kaisi Collection


The vintage jewellery style is characterised by pieces inspired by past eras, featuring design elements, materials, and craftsmanship reminiscent of specific historical periods, such as the Art Deco, Art Nouveau, or Retro eras, creating a unique and nostalgic aesthetic that appeals to those who appreciate the charm of bygone times.

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An eclectic jewellery style is characterised by a mix-and-match approach that combines diverse elements, materials, and designs from various sources, eras, and cultures. It often features a harmonious fusion of vintage and modern pieces, different types of metals, gemstones, and even unconventional materials. Eclectic jewellery celebrates individuality and creativity, allowing wearers to express their unique personalities and tastes by curating a one-of-a-kind collection that blends traditional and contemporary elements in a visually captivating way.

An Eclectic designed diamond ring


A modern jewellery style is characterised by sleek, clean lines, minimalist designs, and a focus on contemporary aesthetics. It often employs cutting-edge materials and innovative techniques. Modern jewellery emphasises simplicity and often features geometric shapes, asymmetry, and a solid connection to current fashion trends. This style appeals to those who appreciate a clean and uncluttered look and complements modern, minimalist fashion choices.

A Modern Designed Diamond pendant

Different Types of Jewellery Material

Gold: A precious metal with a distinct lustrous yellow appearance.

White Gold: A versatile, shiny metal with a bright white colour.

Platinum: A rare, dense, and durable precious metal with a silvery-white hue.

Titanium: A lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant metal.

Palladium: A silvery-white, precious metal related to platinum.

Rose Gold: A gold alloy with a warm, pinkish hue

Rose Gold Diamond Ring

Gemstone Choices for Different Jewellery Pieces

Diamond: Diamonds are ideal for engagement rings due to their exceptional hardness and sparkle, symbolising enduring love. They also make stunning pendants, earrings, and tennis bracelets.

Sapphires: Sapphires, especially blue ones, add a regal touch to necklaces and pendants. They are also suitable for engagement rings, offering a unique and colourful diamond alternative.

Emerald: Emeralds, with their vivid green hue, are often used in cocktail rings or statement necklaces, exuding sophistication and luxury.

Tanzanite: Tanzanite's striking blue-violet colour makes it an excellent choice for creating eye-catching earrings and pendants, adding a touch of uniqueness to the jewellery piece.

Ruby: Rubies, known for their fiery red colour, are classic choices for engagement rings and pendant necklaces, symbolising love and passion.

Alexandrite: Alexandrite's colour-changing property makes it an intriguing choice for earrings and pendants, shifting from green to red under different lighting conditions, adding a sense of mystery to the jewellery.

Morganite: The soft pink to peach tones of morganite make it perfect for delicate and feminine jewellery, such as rose gold earrings or romantic engagement rings, symbolising love and tenderness.

Emerald Cut Sapphire Ring

Types of Jewellery Based on Design Process

Bespoke/ Custom Jewellery

Bespoke or custom jewellery is about creating unique pieces tailored to your preferences. It involves a personalised design process where you choose the materials, gemstones, and design elements. Skilled artisans handcraft the jewellery, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail. While it can be more time-consuming and expensive than buying off-the-shelf pieces, the result is a significant and memorable jewellery item that tells your story, celebrates an important event or reflects your style.

Engagement and wedding band set designed by Layla Kaisi Collection

One of A Kind Jewellery

"One of a kind" jewellery, often abbreviated as "OOAK," refers to a unique piece of jewellery that is entirely distinct and individual, with no identical copies or reproductions. These pieces are typically handcrafted or custom-made and are characterised by their exclusivity, often designed and created by skilled artisans or jewellers. One-of-a-kind jewellery can feature unique combinations of materials, gemstones, and design elements, making each piece a work of art with its own story. The appeal of one-of-a-kind jewellery lies in its rarity, personal significance, and the sense of owning a truly unique adornment that no one else possesses.

A Toi et Moi Ring

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