Radwa El Sherbiny - Lifestyle TV Presenter, هي وبس (Heya wa Bas)

Radwa El Sherbiny - Lifestyle TV Presenter, هي وبس (Heya wa Bas)

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Radwa El Sherbiny, the charismatic TV presenter and host of Heya wa Bas, has become an inspirational figure for her devoted fans. While her show initially centered around fashion and style, Radwa's personal experiences and challenges led to a transformative shift in its direction. Through her popular segment 'ask Radwa' she has established herself as a reliable confidant for her audience. Listeners feel at ease reaching out with their own struggles and dilemmas, as Radwa takes personal responsibility in providing them with assistance and guidance.


Radwa understands the significance of viewing herself as an ordinary woman, and this quality greatly contributes to her down-to-earth and authentic nature. She emphasizes the intelligence of women and acknowledges their ability to discern authenticity. Radwa's genuine concern, care, and her aim to be a voice for strong, independent women are sincere and heartfelt.


She recounts in an interview with eniGma, how a friend warned her about letting the fame go to her head, so every morning she look at herself in the mirror and tells herself “even if people see me as something big, I am really just a regular person. I do that every day to stop fame from getting to me”.


Radwa talks about her responsibility with vulnerable viewers as difficult at times but she sees being able to help women as a blessing. “I have to admit that I find a lot of joy and peace in helping women. I believe that when you help people, the good you do will find its way back to you…”




Radwa’s style is bold and glamorous. She works with celebrity stylist Saeed Ramzi for looks on her show and events. She often wears bright colours and sleek, chic styles. She is a powerhouse women and her outfits reflect that, they are not ‘blend in’ covers set out to mix her into the crowd, but they are instead, eye catching silhouettes. Her outfits show her as a put together, professional, personable women with blazers, pant suits and (structured) dresses being go-to pieces.


Her make up matches her bold aesthetic with a Smokey cat eye as her staple. This look makes her green eyes pop and is always perfect and camera ready. 







Radwa El Sherbiny Took to her Instagram to show her gratitude for Layla and to showcase her diamond ear-jacket style earrings to her 15 million followers. Radwa has captioned the post, "In love with the diamond spike earrings made by the amazing Iraqi women Layla Kaisi”



Radwa El Sherbiny’s Instagram posts featuring her custom designed diamond earrings by Layla Kaisi collection



The earrings are a striking yet completely unique design, designed specifically for Radwa. They are ear jacket style earrings, each featuring three parts - the diamond 'spike' jackets, two diamond studs and scroll earring back: all coming together to create perfection.


The diamond 'spike' jackets feature 12 pear-cut diamonds that were custom cut for Radwa to be sharper, more elongated and have optimum brilliance. These diamonds are bezel set in platinum in a fan-like layout. The diamond stud section has two pear-cut diamonds held in a trio-claw setting in platinum, and the scroll earring backs are also platinum. The total diamond carat weight is 3.22ct; the diamonds are all high quality with D-G colour and VS2 + clarity.



Earrings designed by Layla Kaisi Collection for Middle Eastern Celebrity Radwa El Sherbiny

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