The Ultimate Diamond Guide: Types, Cuts & Quality

A diamond is forever. It is a symbol of true love. Diamonds are the hardest materials on the planet. They encompass unparalleled brilliance and unbeatable resilience. These qualities, combined with their rarity, make diamonds one of the most valuable gems. However, not every shining stone is a diamond. Experts know what to look for in a high-quality diamond. Below is a comprehensive diamond guide so you can become a smart buyer.


Two bespoke diamond earrings placed on top of a white surface


What To Look For In A Diamond?

Discerning a high-valuing diamond requires a keen eye and knowledge. Jewellers and people who deal with diamonds regularly know how to value a diamond. Aside from a diamond's value and overall look, there are other important considerations. The most major being the source of the diamond. Diamonds sourced through ethical means, meaning money from the sale of the diamond is not going towards funding conflict, is critical.


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The 4'Cs of Diamond

Diamonds are valued based on four characteristics, also known as the 4 C's. These are as follows:



The brilliant shine of a diamond is dependent upon the way light is reflected from it. A well cut diamond has many angles, the more the better, which are proportional and symmetrical. A raw diamond bears little resemblance to the diamonds found in fine jewellery pieces. It is the process of cutting and polishing the stone that the true beauty comes out.



As a naturally occurring mineral, diamonds are full of imperfections. Many have marks or irregular surfaces that reduce the diamond’s clarity. Perfectly clear diamonds are rare and, as a result, valued highly. Clarity grading is done on an 11-point scale which ranges from ‘flawless’ to ‘included’. Flawless diamonds are the most highly valued and extremely rare.



Usually, diamonds range from being colourless to yellow and even brown. Diamonds with a yellowish and brownish tinge cost less, while colourless diamonds are the most sought-after ones. Two diamonds with the same cut, clarity and weight can be priced very differently just because of the colour of the diamond.



Carat is equivalent to one-fifth of a gram which means 1 carat is equal to 0.2 grams. Large-sized diamonds are so rare that the value of diamonds does not increase in proportion to their weight. This means that a two-carat diamond will cost more than double that of a one-carat diamond.


A emerald cut diamond ring placed atop a white surface


How To Grade Diamond Quality?

Now that you know a little about what to look for according to the diamond guide, you can distinguish a good quality diamond. Look for diamonds that have an impeccable cut, are flawless in clarity, have pure colour, and have a high carat number. All the four-factor combined to determine the quality and, in turn, the value of a diamond.


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Types Of Diamond Cuts & Shapes

There are certain shapes of diamond that are more popular than others and so are priced highly. The classic round shape remains the most popular shape for a diamond. Here are the top five shapes you can choose from:


Round Brilliant

The round shape is a classic and is the most popular shape of a diamond in demand. With 56 symmetrical facets, the brilliant round diamond produces an unparalleled shine.


Princess Cut

The princess cut is another popular diamond shape. It appears to be straight from the top but has a tapered bottom. The chevron-shaped facets beautifully reflect light and give the diamond a breathtaking brilliance.


Emerald Cut

Lately, the emerald cut has also become a shape favoured by jewellers and buyers alike. The shape is neat and looks eye-catching from every angle. Its rectangular facets give it a clean and modern look.


Cushion Cut

The cushion or pillow cut resembles the princess cut in its overall form. However, these are softened instead of angled edges for a unique and attractive look.

Oval Cut

Another classic shape, the oval cut diamond, is rounded and oblong. It looks sophisticated and chic and gives a delicate look to any design.

Pear Shaped 

Pear-shaped diamonds are cut in a teardrop shape. This is a beautifully elegant and truly timeless shape due to its simple yet distinctive style.

Heart Shaped 

Herat-shaped diamonds are just that, they are cut to resemble the shape of a heart with two rounded edges at the top and a tapered bottom. Mostly used in engagement rings, the shape of the heart symbolizes eternal love.

Baguette Shaped 

The baguette-shaped diamond is usually rectangular in shape. However, it can be square as well. These are less expensive than other types of diamonds, like the round brilliant ones, because they have 14 facets instead of the 57 that the round one has. This means the shine on baguette diamonds is not as intense. Despite this, they look beautiful.

Marquise Shaped 

The marquise-shaped diamond is another elongated shape, but unlike the emerald shape, the marquise diamond has pointed tips on two ends. The marquise or navette cut diamond is uniquely shaped. It makes the fingers of the wearer appear slender and elongated.


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Final thoughts:

Diamonds are extraordinarily beautiful. They are representative of eternity and pure love. Anyone buying diamond jewellery should go through a comprehensive diamond guide so you can determine the value of the diamond you are purchasing. The best choice is to go with a trusted and respected brand, like Layla Kaisi Collection, so you know the diamond jewellery you are getting is truly worth the price you are paying for it.


Two bespoke diamond earrings placed on top of a white surface


Diamond Guide FAQs:

How to tell whether a diamond is real or fake?

Distinguishing whether a diamond is fake or real can be exceptionally hard since there are such close copies. It is impossible for someone who is not an expert to tell with 100% certainty. It is always recommended to get a diamond examined by a gemologist. If you are buying a diamond, ensure you receive a certificate that details the diamond's weight in carats and authenticates its realness.

What characteristics do experts look for when examining a diamond?

Diamonds are judged and valued on four characteristics, the 4Cs. These are colour, clarity, carat and cut. A fine diamond scores high in each of these four categories.

How can I be sure whether a diamond is ethically sourced?

There is a misconception that conflict diamonds form a huge part of the diamond trade. Yes, there is some truth to conflict diamonds. However, most diamonds are sourced from non-conflict zones, such as Russia, Australia, Canada and Botswana. Still, you can assure yourself by asking the jeweller you buy from. They are aware of the source of the diamonds.

Can I buy a diamond on the internet?

A diamond is a huge investment, so buying from a reputable jeweller is much better. A jeweller with a physical store location that you can visit is infinitely better than viewing the collection online. You must see the diamond yourself in person.

What is the best shape for a diamond?

It depends upon your personal preference. The round brilliant is the most popular choice. However, different shapes suit different people, which is a matter of taste.