4 Luxurious Places To Take Your Valentine

4 Luxurious Places To Take Your Valentine


We have compiled a short and sweet list of four of the most luxurious, LKC style dates to take your beau this Valentine’s Day


Dinner at The Sugar Club 

Auckland city. Lit up. As night creeps over the cityscape, bright twinkles flood the view beneath an exquisite dining experience. Flavours showcase their talents, improving with every bite. Quiet, the shades of evening indulge you and your partner. A romantic wining and dining affair at The Sugar Club.


A breathtaking view of Auckland city at night, lit up in a shimmering display of bright lights, viewed from the height of The Sugar Club.


Castaways Resort Glam Camping


Isolated and intimate. Luxury interiors match the perfection of idyllic naturalism outside. Alone time, peace and quiet, uninterrupted tranquillity. A morning espresso in the waking sunshine in a world kept secret from ménage. A night to remember at Castaways Resort Glam Camping. 


A breathtaking view of Castaways Resort Glam Camping at night with the starry sky illuminating the peaceful surroundings, offering an intimate and tranquil escape.


The Helicopter Line Queenstown 


Birds-eye, a view from above scouring the landscape and gliding over the world below, witnessing what you wouldn’t otherwise see from the ground. Immersed in nature, peering over each side, seeing something new and beautiful. The Helicopter Line Queenstown will introduce you to the untouched wonders of New Zealand.


An aerial view of The Helicopter Line's chopper descending towards a stunning snow-capped mountain landscape.


Boutique Private Wine Tours Waiheke


Sipping berries in the finest way, the sun is accompanying you with her partner, blue sky. Doted on with exquisite food and wine whilst popping in and out of the various vineyards dotted around the island. It is a private splendour creating a day of indulgent bliss. 


A beautifully set table with two wine glasses ready for a wine tasting session surrounded by a stunning vineyard backdrop.
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