Valentine's Day Jewellery Trend Predictions for 2023

Valentine's Day Jewellery Trend Predictions for 2023

What is Valentine's Day?


Valentine's day is a widely celebrated day of romantic love, friendship and admiration. It is an annual festival during which loved ones send each other cards, presents and flowers. Valentine's traditions may also include a romantic date or activity of celebration.


Importance of gifting jewellery on Valentine's Day


Gift-giving on valentine's day has become an important tradition as it shows a special someone in your life that you are thinking about them, thankful that they are there and that you appreciate them being in your everyday life. It is a way to say 'i love you' in a more significant gesture than the ordinary little tokens of 'i love you'.


Jewellery trend predictions for 2023: Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces & Pendants


Our ring predictions for 2023


Trend #1: cocktail rings


Cocktail rings are a statement piece, an eyecatcher. They are given their name as they are not practical pieces of jewellery to wear daily; therefore, they are brought out for special occasions. This makes them the perfect gift for valentines day in 2023. They are a big statement of love! We predict we will see cocktail rings on the scene in 2023 as more people have special events to go to as we head out of the pandemic. Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity to quickly jump on this upcoming trend and beat everyone to the punch!


A close-up shot of a pear-cut diamond cocktail ring placed on top of a shiny marble surface.


Trend #2: heart cut precious gemstones


Heart-shaped jewellery has taken a back seat when it comes to 'go to' valentines gifts. It has been deemed clique or cheesy. But in 2023, we are taking back the heart-shaped jewellery. However, we are not reverting to heart-shaped lockets or tacky heart charm bracelets. We are adding a classy twist to the heart shape with heart-cut precious gemstones delicately placed in fine bands of gold or platinum.


A close-up of a red heart-shaped silver ruby ring placed on a shiny marble surface.

Trend #3: engraved messages


One of the most romantic gestures of all time is the written word. Writing love notes or messages has been a swoon-worthy gift shown in film and literature for centuries. It is a sure way to make your loved one feel special. For this valentine's day, we predict that writing love notes will migrate from pen and paper to jewellery. These messages will always be noticed and can constantly remind you how much you love your person. Engraved messages on the inside of rings are an adorable and subtle way to add even more meaning to your valentine's day gift.


A close-up of a ring with a message placed on a shiny & reflective surface.

Most sought-after materials for Valentine's Day rings




Diamonds are a classic precious gemstone to show someone how much you love them. They are pure, long-lasting and treasured, all the qualities a material needs to show someone you care. This valentines day consider a diamond incorporated into your ring design (it does not matter what size) to put an extra special sparkle into your gift.


A close-up of a diamond wedding ring placed on a shiny marble surface.




When you think of sapphires, you usually picture the deep classic sapphire blue. However, sapphires can come in a range of colours from pink to green, making them a perfect gemstone to consider for your valentine in 2023 as you can choose a more specific colour for your loved one. They are hardy and will last a lifetime, a good omen for a couple in love.
A close-up of a light pink pear-cut sapphire ring placed on a marble.

Our earring predictions for 2023


Trend #1: big pearl earrings

Pearls were resurrected in 2022 as one of the must-have jewellery trends. In 2023 this trend will not disappear again. Instead, it will go bigger. Big chunky pearls will be seen everywhere. Pears are a beautiful natural stone that looks amazing as features of necklaces, earrings and bracelets. For valentines day 2023, pick out some big chunky pearl earrings for your loved one to show just how much you care!
A close-up of a hand holding a big pearl diamond earring.


Trend #2: long earrings


2023 is the year of the long sleek silhouette. We are seeing this already with long maxi skirts and slip dresses, and the jewellery trends are following suit. Long, elegant drop earrings that trail down the side profiles of your face will be everywhere! Pick a personalised pair for your valentine so she can flaunt them on your valentine's day date.


Layla wearing u-shaped stud earrings with a half-moon cut yellow diamonds, and round rose-cut white diamonds.

Our necklace predictions for 2023


Trend #1: chunky chain chokers


2023 is the year we make jewellery bigger; big pearls, oversized cocktail rings and big choker chain necklaces. A chain is a classic, so adding a modern twist to a sleek neck tight necklace would be to thicken the chain and pick a colour and material that suits the 2023 vibe of its wearer. This valentine's day gift could be an opportunity for you to pay attention to your partner's style and choose a chain that will suit their style for 2023.


A close-up of a gold choker chain necklace placed on white background.


Trend #2: Initial pendants


Initial pendants show personalisation to the max, so naturally, LKC is a huge fan. However, our take on the initial pendant is to increase its luxuriousness by crafting initials out of the diamond. An initial diamond pendant for your loved one this valentine's day could not scream "I LOVE YOU" any more. You can craft a pendant in a necklace, bracelet or ring to suit your gift receiver.


A close-up of a diamond initial pendant held by tong.

Most sought-after materials for Valentine's Day Earrings, necklaces and pendants


White gold or platinum


2022 was the year of gold, but we expect 2023 to be the year platinum or white gold jewellery takes a grip on us all. Think of gravitating towards either of those precious metals jewellery this valentines day when looking for gifts to stay ahead of the fashion curves.




As we predicted earlier, pearls will be the 'it girls' of the jewellery market. Luckily pearls look darling when paired with white gold as it softens the look of the jewellery, making them the perfect materials to hunt for together this valentine's day.


Valentine's Day jewellery: Buying Guide


Factors to consider when buying Valentine's Day jewellery


Know your partner and what their style is in reference to jewellery. This will help you immensely when choosing a piece that is trend appropriate.
You should also consider your budget and which jewellery is best suited for that budget. You want the best quality jewellery you can afford to last a long time.


A close-up of round-cut ruby stud earrings placed on a white background.


You should choose a reputable jeweller whose designs align with your partner's style so you can create a piece that works for you as the client and your partner, the valentine!


Tips for selecting the perfect piece: Rings, Earrings, Bracelets, Necklaces & Pendants


  • Have multiple options; don't simply pick the first piece of jewellery you see. Plan out what you want the jewellery to represent and what you want it to say as a gift when you give it to your valentine. 
  • Get familiar with the jewellery designers in your budget and area; understand the type of jewellery they design and what style your partner likes best!
  • Get familiar with current jewellery trends and jewellery trend predictions, so you don't risk buying something that is about to go out of style!
  • Learn about different metals; there are platinum, palladium, gold and silver, which will all last a long period as they are hardy materials. Make sure you choose one that is within your budget and the metal your partner would like to wear. 


If you are choosing a ring, learn your partner's ring size. Either ask or, if you want to keep it a surprise, borrow a ring they already own and measure it using a piece of string! Learn more about this in our sizing guide.


A collection of bespoke rings placed on top of a shiny marble surface.

How to care for Valentine's Day jewellery to ensure it lasts?


Caring for your valentines day jewellery involves removing the jewellery during strenuous activities that could damage the piece. It also involves learning about the materials and what precautions need to be taken when wearing those specific gemstones and metals. Learn more about jewellery care in our jewellery care guide.


Valentine's Day Jewellery FAQs

How can I make my Valentine's Day ring more personal and unique?


To make your valentine's day ring more personal and unique, have it custom crafted and add personal details like engravings of names, dates, inside jokes, or whatever it is that you and your partner share that is special.


Are there any specific gemstones particularly popular for Valentine's Day rings?


The top three gemstones that are popular for valentines days are ruby, diamond and pearl. Incorporating one or all three of these luxurious gemstones into your design can elevate your valentine's gift.


What is the best way to choose a Valentine's Day ring for my partner?


The best way to choose a valentine's day ring for your partner is to select a bespoke ring. Hence, you can design it to suit them entirely and craft your love story through the medium of fine jewellery.

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