Most Popular Wedding Ring Trend 2023

Most Popular Wedding Ring Trend 2023

Jewellery is a form of fashion, and as fashion goes, trends fluctuate yearly as new ideas are brought to light and jumped on by style gurus. This is no different for jewellery design, materials and ways of styling other pieces. Concerning wedding jewellery, particularly wedding rings, more modern trends have brought about more unique styles for wedding bands and engagement ring stacks.


Top 10 Wedding Rings Trends


1. Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings are not a new phenomenon. However, two trends, in particular, show diamond rings are designed in a new and playful way to enhance the engagement ring and give the wedding ring stack a completely new look.


Halo Diamond Rings

A halo diamond ring features a central precious gemstone surrounded or encased in smaller diamonds to make the central stone appear more prominent.


Halo Diamond Rings

Oval Diamond Rings

An oval diamond ring can be featured in engagement ring styles as a centre stone that elongates the finger or as a band of oval diamonds for the wedding band. An oval wedding band is a popular wedding band trend in 2023. The oval diamonds give a unique twist to the traditional plain wedding band. They can also complement the shape or style of the engagement ring.

Oval Diamond Rings 

 2. Gold Wedding Rings

Gold wedding bands are a classic style. However, they have resurfaced as a wedding ring trend in 2023. Gold beautifully compliments white diamonds and enhances their sparkle. 

Gold is also one of the most popular choices in wedding ring metals as it is highly durable, able to be polished to a high shine, and will stand the test of time. 

Gold wedding rings are the perfect choice for you and your partner if you are after a style that will stay classic and chic and pop back into trends over and over again.

Gold Wedding Rings

3. Geometric Wedding Rings

Geometric wedding rings are not a wedding ring trend to avoid. This trend is unique with a contemporary design. 

More traditional geometric shapes such as circles and rectangles are known in diamond shapes as round-cut and emerald-cut. More unusual shapes, such as triangles and hexagons, are increasingly popular as they are slightly different but will remain timeless. 

Geometric Wedding Rings

4. Stackable Wedding Rings

Stackable wedding rings are a popular trend for couples. Multiple rings can be mixed and matched to create different looks for different occasions. It also means other stones and metals can be added to the ring stack

Stackable wedding rings are trendy as they can incorporate a third wedding ring, such as an engagement ring, rather than just having the wedding band and engagement ring. The wedding ring stack becomes complete with three different rings. 

Stackable Wedding Rings

5. Mixed Metal Rings

Mixed metal rings are a popular trend in 2023 as they enable wedding rings to have a unique look by combining two or more metals. Popular metals to combine are rose gold with white gold, which has a romantic, feminine look. Yellow gold with platinum or silver also creates striking styles guaranteed to be showstopping wedding rings. 

6. Nature-inspired Wedding Rings 

Nature-inspired wedding rings are popular for those couples who love the wilderness. If you love being outdoors, picking flowers or hiking in the mountains, then nature-inspired wedding rings might be for you. 

These wedding rings incorporate aspects of nature, such as flower petals, leaves or the twisting of vines into their design to create a style that would look perfect in a woodland fairytale. 

A pear cut diamond ring placed in top of a cube

7. Art Deco Wedding Rings

Art deco wedding rings are perfect for a couple inspired by the 1920's architectural style of art deco. It is a truly sophisticated style that is unique to traditional wedding rings. If you are a lover of art or art deco, consider choosing art deco wedding rings for you and your beau.

Art Deco Wedding Rings

8. Double-Branded Rings 

A double-branded ring features two interlocking bands, the perfect design to symbolise the connection of a wedding and the eternal love you and your partner share. 

Double-branded rings give you endless design opportunities to create something that reflects your love story.

9. Baguette Diamond 

A baguette diamond is making a comeback in 2023 as it is very sleek and modern, aligning perfectly with current style trends in 2023. If your style includes structured, modern, and minimalist designs, then the baguette diamond could be your top pick.

Baguette Diamond 

10. Vintage-inspired rings

Vintage style is chic and stands out from the crowd. Vintage-inspired wedding rings take aspects from your favourite moments in fashion history to create a truly unique piece. 

Vintage-inspired rings are typically either bespoke or bought from vintage auctions.

Bespoke vintage-inspired wedding rings include design elements from multiple periods creating a completely personalised wedding ring. Whereas if they are bought from vintage auctions, they will be genuine wedding rings from a specific decade.

Vintage-inspired rings 

2023 has seen some beautiful wedding ring trends resurface. Each trend is focused on originality and designing unique wedding rings personalised to you and your partner. With Layla Kaisi Collection, you can incorporate these trends into a bespoke design and see your perfect wedding rings brought to life.

A pear-shaped pink sapphire ring placed on a shiny surface

Wedding Ring Trend 2023 FAQs:

What is the most popular engagement ring setting in 2023?

The prong setting is also known as the claw setting. This setting elevates the diamond and enables more light to pass through the diamond, creating more brilliance and sparkle. 

What should you not do with a new wedding ring?

It would be best if you did not lose it. But also you should not wear it while cleaning or doing any handiwork outdoors. 

Is it okay to have a gap between the wedding band and the engagement ring?

Yes, depending on the size of the centre stone on your engagement ring, there may be a gap. This is entirely okay as long as you like the look of the two of them together. If you don't want a gap, however, you might prefer a contoured wedding band that hugs your engagement ring, so they stack perfectly together. 

What are the best trend shapes for wedding rings?

The most popular trend shapes for wedding rings are oval or round, as they are classic and will stand the test of time.

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