The Studio Launch

The Studio Launch

We have been waiting just over 1 year to officially usher in the welcome of our new studio. After Covid delays, furniture issues, and curating just the right feel for our event, we FINALLY presented our bright new studio in the heart of the city to an exclusive list of LKC guests.  


Our oasis in the middle of the concrete jungle, we wanted a space that felt like a breath of fresh air when you walked in, a space that feels as unique as our brand, and one that challenges what a jewellery brand should look like.

The studio is the base of all creative processes. As lovers of aesthetics it was necessary the space reflected our taste as well as the clean, creative and abstract aesthetic of Layla Kaisi Collection as a brand.


LKC brand's newly designed studio, showcasing unique furniture and a stylish layout


Gone are the days of plain cabinets with hundreds of cut and paste designs, our studio is made for the dreamers. Each and every aspect of this space has been custom designed, custom crafted, and curated to showcase a challenge to the industry in ways only LKC can. It's a creative space for design, not a counter filled store of endless ready-made pieces. 


In October, we celebrated the space with a super exclusive list of connectors, lovers, and dreamers. We were so thrilled to be able to create memories with each and every guest. We were able to mingle and connect with many lovers all whilst sipping on some beautiful sparkling Wai Manuka honey beverage. Our lovers in attendance were able to immerse themselves in the studio space and were introduced to many new yet-to-be released designs as an exclusive sneak peek. The evening was a wonderful way for us at LKC to get to know our community further on a more personal level. 


Layla speaking to a group of guests in the vibrant newly designed LKC studio


We also celebrated the night with a diamond manicure on each attendee. This gift signified the introduction of our new $1000 Manicure service in collaboration with Perfectly Polished Nail Studio’s renowned nail artist Nicole Harvey. Treat yourself or a group of close friends, and be pampered with diamonds in a unique indulgence offered exclusively at LKC. The ultimate luxurious experience, 30 diamonds will be set on your nails with gel polish, where you can showcase the diamonds in an elegant nail design of your choosing. A perfect treat for celebrations, the LKC diamond mani will be your go-to for bridal showers, birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries. 

Not ones for waste, this experience is created to follow these stones and stories in a full scope. Once unset, these diamonds will be reusable and can be reset on future manicures; or designed into a fine jewellery piece with LKC: cementing the memories of your celebration in a forever piece.


A close-up of a manicured hand with diamonds set on nails


With the end of the year drawing closer, and just over the date of our 5 year anniversary, we cannot wait to show you what will we do next. 

Here's to a new age of design and expression, Lovers. We are just getting started.


Image of Ophelia Mason author for the Layla Kaisi Collection Journal

Ophelia Mason

Ophelia Mason is a writer, content creator, and author for the Layla Kaisi Collection Journal. She transcribes the beauty of artistically handmade jewellery. She is passionate about sharing the stories woven through each design and retelling the moments captured in each piece in imaginative detail. She has an eye for creative harmony and an appreciation for individual reflection in the form of unique jewellery.

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