Barbiecore Jewellery

Barbiecore Jewellery

The rise of Barbiecore and the impact of The Barbie Movie

If you haven’t seen The Barbie Movie by now, first of all, what are you waiting for? And second of all, don’t worry, we won’t spoil anything. The rise of the #barbiecore trend is a celebration of femininity in a vibrant, fun and empowering showcase of how women choose to be women. As seen featured throughout the film, the colour pink plays a huge role in Barbiecore, but a new era of Barbie influenced by the film, is focusing on empowering women just being women without complying with societal expectations of being perfect.

So here are our LKC picks for Barbiecore styling:


Hexagonal Cut Sapphire Diamond Earring from Layla Kaisi Collection




Seaside Barbie

1959 original Barbie, Malibu Dreamhouse Barbie, mermaid Barbie etc. Barbie + seaside, it just works. Our Reverie earrings are quite literally the ocean waves captured in a sapphire. A calming and elegant design that captures the tones of a cocktail-blue afternoon sky, uninhibited laughter, and the seaside.

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Radwa El Sherbiny flaunting Pear Cut Diamond Ear Jacket from Layla Kaisi Collection



Spike jacket barbie

Heavily inspired by Middle-Eastern Barbie, Radwa el-Sherbiny, these spike-jacket diamond earrings were designed specifically for her. They are the ultimate ‘girl-boss’ earrings, which we could easily see matching President Barbie’s floor-length gown.

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Yellow Pear Cut Diamond Ring from Layla Kaisi Collection


Ray of sunshine barbie

Margot Robbie brought life and light to Barbie, just as we always imagined her, beautiful and kind inside and out, with a heart of gold, exuding sunshine. Our yellow diamond ring, Establish, looks like it was made for Barbie’s sunshine yellow dress moment. She is a ring perfect for those who resonate with Barbie’s bright personality.

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18ct Gold Wave Stud Earrings from Layla Kaisi Collection


Rare ruby barbie

Having lived through the 70s, vintage Barbie would pair these ruby wave earrings with everything; we can see these styled perfectly with her neon rollerblading outfit, the sweetest addition to her ‘groovy’ aesthetic.

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Padparadscha Sapphire Ring from Layla Kaisi Collection

Engaged Barbie 

Barbie’s signature colour is a vibrant, bold, beautiful pink; her forever ring would not stray from this pallet. If, like Barbie, you resonate with pink being your colour, send this Padparadscha sapphire engagement ring to your Ken… just a tiny hint to get down on that knee and put a ring on it!

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