A Select Father's Day Gift Guide

A Select Father's Day Gift Guide

Dads rarely get the luxury treatment. So, why not stun him with a a treat from this curated list. 

Here's a selected guide to ensure your Father's Day becomes unforgettable:


1. Ferrari Hot Lap Experience:


Treat your dad to an adrenaline-pumping adventure that he'll never forget. Give him a chance to ride shotgun in a real Ferrari, driven by a professional racing driver, as it speeds around a racetrack. The thrill of a Ferrari hot lap will leave him with a lasting memory of excitement and exhilaration.


Highlands Supercare Fast Dash 



2. Fragrance:


Upgrade your dad's grooming routine with a carefully selected fragrance that suits his taste. Opt for a premium cologne that matches his personality, whether he prefers a bold or subtle scent. A high-quality fragrance will add a touch of sophistication to his daily regimen.


A WORLD of Perfume



3. Whiskey Tasting Set:


Surprise your dad with a refined whiskey-tasting set that lets him explore and savour the intricate flavours of premium spirits. This set cold be paired with specialised tasting glasses and a guidebook. It's a thoughtful and sophisticated gift that allows him to unwind and indulge in a moment of relaxation. Whether he's a seasoned connoisseur or just beginning to appreciate the art of whiskey, this set will provide an enjoyable and memorable experience.


The Home of Sampled Whiskey’s



4. Boujee Coffee Machine:


Upgrade your dad's coffee experience with a top-of-the-line coffee machine. From espresso to cappuccino, a high-end coffee maker will allow him to enjoy his favourite brews in the comfort of his home. Let him indulge in barista-quality beverages every morning, complete with a touch of luxury.


Breville Barista Express



5. Gifted Experience: Designing his own Bespoke Jewellery Piece:


Treat Dad to an appointment at LKC to design his own jewellery piece. Set your budget beforehand but allow Dad to design whatever he would like within the perimeter of your decided price point.


Jewellery is not just for Mum; jewellery is for everyone, especially bespoke pieces that are created with the wearer at the centre. Designing a bespoke jewellery piece is an opportunity for your dad to collaborate with Layla and bring his vision to life. Bespoke jewellery represents the highest form of customisation, where a piece is meticulously crafted from scratch based on the client's unique vision, preferences, and requirements. This process involves a close collaboration between the client and the jeweller, encompassing design, material selection, and intricate craftsmanship, resulting in a completely one-of-a-kind masterpiece that embodies the client's essence. What better way to show your appreciation to Dad than a design that is all about him?


LKC Bespoke - Book an Appointment Now



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