Celebrity Engagement Rings You Will Want To Pin To Your Inspiration Board Right Now!

Celebrity Engagement Rings You Will Want To Pin To Your Inspiration Board Right Now!

Many celebrities are renowned as trendsetters and style gurus; this includes their jewellery and, more specifically, the rings on their engagement fingers. These celeb styles include unusual designs which pave the way for inspiration and designs incorporating some of their key elements. Here are eight rings you will want to pin to your inspiration board right now:  

Jessica Biel 

Jessica Biel's marriage to Justin Timberlake is a well-known Hollywood marriage that isn't short of drama. This includes her dramatic diamond engagement ring designed with an unusual vintage spin. The ring was chosen by Justin and designed by Leor Yerushalmi. The large cushion-cut diamond weighs in at 6 carats and is surrounded by a diamond halo. The side stones are aquamarine, Jessica's birthstone. This ring is truly one of a kind.

Jessica Biel engagement ring

Image from: Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Ariana Grande

Forever, and then some… the post that swept through social media like wildfire in 2020. Ariana Grande deputed her engagement with a close-up sprinkled amongst the cutesy pics of her and her beau Dalton Gomez. The ring is a slight twist on a minimalist oval design with a thin band, but the oval is titled and set next to a perfectly round pearl. The gems perfectly complement each other as the diamond and pearl are both elegant and classic yet contrast in colour, opacity and slightly in shape. This makes the ring stand out but maintains a feminine, elegant look. 

Ariana Grande engagement ring

Image from: Instagram/arianagrande

Megan Fox 

Megan Fox is the queen of unusual design in the 2020's after embracing more of her true self since being with her partner Machine Gun Kelly, who seems to accentuate Megan's unique style. This is best highlighted in her unusual engagement ring. It features two stones, a pear-cut diamond and an emerald set in a band-shaped like pointed thorns. According to Kelly, the concept of the ring is that the ring can come apart but is drawn back together and connected by a magnet. The two tear-drop gems also form a Picasso-Esque heart shape. According to Kelly, the perfect emerald is a "Thoroughbred Colombian emerald with no treatment". 

Megan Fox engagement ring

Image from: Instagram/ machinegunkelly

Kate Middleton 

Kate Middleton lived out the real-life royal wedding fantasy, decked with horse and carriage, a tiara and palaces. Her gorgeous sapphire ring is just another addition to the fairytale. The 12-carat oval sapphire is a family heirloom passed down to William by his mother, Princess Diana. However, the ring's history doesn't stop with Diana. It was created in 1840 by Prince Albert as a diamond brooch for his future wife, Queen Victoria. It was beloved by her until he died in 1861 and remained a vital crown heirloom. 

Kate Middleton Engagement Ring

Image from: Getty Images


This wouldn't be a celebrity engagement ring list without Queen Bey. With her imperial status in the music industry, it should come as no surprise that she flaunts a 24-carat emerald cut masterpiece estimated to have cost Jay-Zee $5 million US. Like the queen herself, this ring is just flawless. 

Beyonce Engagement Ring

Image from: Getty Images

Emily Ratajkowski 

When you think of unique design, the mind immediately goes to supermodel Emily Ratajkowski's toi et moi, featuring two contrasting cut diamonds. This engagement ring changed how engagement rings were viewed and what was thought possible when designing diamond rings. Mixing two different shapes creates an asymmetrical yet harmonious design. For Emily, it was a 2-carat princess cut, a 3-carat pear-cut white diamond with a white gold setting and a yellow gold thin band. This celeb ring is the perfect example of the Layla Kaisi Collection ethos, creating uniquely beautiful pieces that tell a personal story. 

Emily Ratajkowski Engagement Ring

Image from: Instagram/emrata

Jennifer Lopez

Jenifer Lopez's recent second engagement to Ben Affleck has been read from a rom-com. As it was the second time around, there was excitement and apprehension waiting to see the (hopefully) last engagement ring Jlo would wear. While the first time around, Affleck opted for a beautiful rosy pink diamond, this time, he went for an impressive fancy green diamond with two smaller white diamonds on either side. This stone is not only incredibly rare and expensive, but it is personal to Lopez as she believes "green is my lucky colour". 

Jenifer Lopez Engagement Ring

Image from: instagram.com/tombachik

Blake Lively 

Blake Lively is a very influential woman. This remains true even with the small snippets we have managed to find of her engagement ring. It is believed to be a very light pink oval diamond weighing 12 carats with a solitaire pave band in rose gold. She is one of the only known celebrities with a rose gold engagement ring, which is currently a circulating trend, opting for a feminine rose gold rather than white or yellow. 

Blake lively Engagement Ring


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