How to Glow Up This Christmas, Brighter Than the Neighbours Lights

How to Glow Up This Christmas, Brighter Than the Neighbours Lights

By Luke Ellery

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 As you all know – at least those of you who aren’t grinches – as soon as Halloween finishes, Christmas begins. The holiday season is largely about family, happiness, and gift giving – but the true meaning of Christmas is that it’s just another excuse to glow up and love yourself, your body, and your soul. Now, there are a few ways to achieve maximum Christmas glow-up from a snuggly and offensively festive knit sweater to putting some sparkle on your fingers. The brightest glow comes from within, so hit this holiday season by treating yourself to the things that make your soul feel good. Chuck on Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas is You, set yourself down with some tea and start your Christmas self-care plan with our list of ideas on achieving a Christmas glow-up so bright your neighbour's decorative lights will look like a broken street lamp.

The Knit Sweater

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Obviously, we don’t have the practical need for knitwear over Christmas in New Zealand given that we are blessed with having the holiday over summer. But who needs practicality if it’s getting in the way of your glow-up! The feeling of wrapping up in cuddly knitwear – even on a summer’s night – is a feeling that truly invokes the holiday vibe. Not to mention, they literally look good on everyone. Important note, the gaudier the better; we want to see clashing colours, crazy patterns, bold wording, and anything else you can think of. It’s that one time of year that everyone gets a free pass to break those fashion faux pas and, trust us, it’s a cathartic experience just letting yourself go crazy on rocking an astoundingly tasteless piece of knitwear over the Christmas period.

Home Baking

Image by Leighann Renee

Chances are, throughout the holiday season you will have a number of social and family gatherings scheduled that all require you to “bring a plate”. There really is no better accessory to your Christmas party look than a plate full of aromatic home baking. Consuming good baking (especially among loved ones) is nothing short of food for the soul.

 A Christmas Eve Bath

A romantic table with wine and lights
Image by Tomáš Vydržal
A few days out from Christmas and you’ve already seen every member of your extended family, like, way too much and you’ve eaten more food than a bear preparing for hibernation. The best thing to do at this point is to re-hydrate every inch of your body by soaking in a bath by yourself for a few hours. A nice long bath with some good soaps and bath-bombs will soften your skin and give your muscles a well-needed rest. For added mental revitalisation consider drowning out the world with some banging Christmas carols (anything by Micheal Buble will do), or getting lost in a book.

Vitamin D

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Image by Eric Nopanen
Blessed be the kiwis for we have a summer Christmas! Absorb the sun’s glow (through a layer of sunscreen of course) and selfishly use it for your own glow up this Christmas holiday period. Healthy doses of  Vitamin D everyday of leading up to Christmas will really boost your Christmas image by making you look and feel healthy. Having said that, avoid sunburn at all costs! Only Rudolph can pull of a red nose. Another fun way to take in the sun is to have a few of your holiday social gatherings outdoors – consider having a bbq at the beach, or tapas on a veranda with a view.


A circular yellow gold engagement ring placed on a white surface
Image by Layla Kaisi Collection

Finally – and obviously the most important of our glow up tips – add some Christmas sparkle to your look with some LKC handcrafted jewellery. The right jewellery in combination with your gaudy Christmas sweater and your revitalised skin will have you looking like a sexy lit-up Christmas tree. The piece pictured above, Solstice, is a green and yellow oval cut sapphire solitaire set in a four claw setting. It’s like wearing the sun – or, more appropriately, a Christmas star – on your finger. The glow up potential of this ring (and all the rings in our latest collection)  is unrivalled so it is the perfect thing to treat yourself with for the coming holiday season. Alternatively,  you can just chuck it on your wishlist for Santa and hope it appears under the tree. Remember, our online collection can take around 15 working days to complete (whilst our bespoke designs 4 to 6 weeks) so don’t leave it too late! Santa waits for no one.

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Ophelia Mason

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