Styling Tips For the Summer & Keeping Your Jewellery Clean

Styling Tips For the Summer & Keeping Your Jewellery Clean
 By Luke Ellery

Part of many people's summer aesthetic is easy-breezy and casual. It's not surprising why too, we go to the beach, we walk around outdoors, or we escape the heat and remain in temperature controlled rooms with as little clothing on as possible. In any of those scenarios, it's hard to think exactly how to accessorise the outfits befitting such a practical and casual purpose.  Well, ponder no more! Here are a few simple tips to casual summer accessories that will enhance your glow so much you'll be reflecting the summer sun like a mirror. The key to summer accessories is minimalism. Lucky for you, minimalism is a top contender as our favourite word at LKC - tied for first place with 'bespoke' and 'conflict-free' of course. After sharing our handy tips for summer accessorising, we will teach you how to keep your jewellery clean. Unless you only plan on staying indoors this summer, your jewellery is likely to experience some exposure to the elements, which is why summer is such a critical time to be on top of the upkeep.

  1.                                                   The Sun Hat

                                             Image by Milada Vigerova

Safety first people! Not only is a big floppy sun hat a must-have accessory for all summer folk, but it's also a necessary piece of safety equipment. Just as a construction worker wouldn't go to a work site without wearing her hard hat, no beach-goer should consider going to a beach without a sun hat. Partnering a sun hat with a flowing maxi dress, or a new swimsuit is going to have everyone gazing - except the sun ...because we took precautions to prevent that.

  1. Birkenstocks
A man wearing shocks and slippers in yellow background

Image by The Creative Exchange

Birkenstocks are a versatile summer footwear choice that will likely last you for the next few summers too. The company promise durable, 3mm thick leather materials make up their sandals - and that goes for their trademark synthetic animal-free leather too! Birkenstock also reduces packaging and use recyclable materials to reduce their environmental impact. So, those nice clean beaches you hit this summer will stay that way if you opt for ethical fashion choices like Birkenstocks.

  1. Necklace
A triangle-shaped gold chain necklace placed on a white surface

Image by Layla Kaisi Collection

For summer we recommend gold, it's bright and looks beautiful with light coloured clothing - which you'll no doubt be rocking in the summer sun. A thin and light necklace will look great in anything because it won't pull too much attention from the rest of your outfit. More importantly, it won't feel like it weighs you down if you happen to be doing anything outdoorsy in the heat. The necklace above is LKC's Nomad, and it ticks all the boxes for a summer necklace.

  1. Ring
A pear-cut silver diamond engagement ring placed on a white surface

Image by Layla Kaisi Collection

The bespoke design above invokes those bright blue waters and clear skies of summer. It maintains our minimalist aesthetic which helps it go with any outfit, and doesn't impede your mobility - but it is showy enough to draw a bit of attention. You'll be surprised how much weighty ring can impact your dexterity. The conflict-free diamonds set in a white gold band makes enough of a statement without preventing you from handling an ice cream cone with grace. Bespoke rings like this are an excellent opportunity to personalise a design that represents something to you. If your favourite summer activity is going on hikes, a triangular cut diamond with some emerald accents might be a good symbol of that memory for you. Meaningful symbols make the best summer accessories by far.

  1. Earrings
Layla wearing beautiful gold earrings

Image by Layla Kaisi Collection

If we've said it once, we've said it a thousand times; minimalism is key. With earnings, it's hard to find a sweet spot between so minimalist that your pierced ears basically start closing over, and so extra that your earlobes feel like they are lifting weights all day. Borderline, the above earrings by LKC, are definitely sitting in that sweet spot. Everyone will see you're wearing a lovely pair of solid gold earrings that match your other gold summer accessories, but they won't be so big that they get caught on your beach towel.  


How to Keep Your Jewellery clean this Summer

A close-up shot of a hand wearing a beautiful circular shaped diamond ring.

Image By Marcus Wallis

The best way to keep your jewellery clean is to take a few precautions. The first thing to do is always put your jewellery on last, don't drag your clothes over it, don't spray perfume or deodorant over it. The oils from these products can find their way into some very hard to reach places that will affect the look of your piece.

The second thing to note is, avoid swimming in pools with your jewellery on; the chlorine can have some damaging effects on the metal of your jewellery. Saltwater, though less chemically potent than a swimming pool can also damage your jewellery - not to mention there is a serious risk of losing jewellery in the ocean. Let's leave throwing necklaces into the ocean to old Rose from the Titanic. 

If your jewellery does get dirty, then there are a few tricks to keeping them clean depending on how bad the damage is. Soap water and a soft brush will work perfectly for general maintenance. If you invest in a polishing cloth, then your jewellery will look brand new every time it is washed. If you're finding it hard to get some of the dirt or oil off of your jewellery, a touch of baking soda added to the cleaning solution will definitely do the trick.  

Image of Ophelia Mason author for the Layla Kaisi Collection Journal

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