How To Wear Your Wedding Ring Set? Creative Ways to Wear and Style

How To Wear Your Wedding Ring Set? Creative Ways to Wear and Style

The age-old question of which ring should be worn first, the engagement ring or the wedding band, has left many brides puzzled. While tradition suggests wearing the wedding band first, the decision ultimately rests with the individual. In today's era, brides are embracing the freedom to create a wedding ring set that reflects their style and preferences.

How to Wear a Wedding Ring Set?

Traditionally, the wedding band is worn beneath the engagement ring, symbolising its proximity to the heart. However, there's room for personalisation. While most clients prefer to anchor the wedding band at the bottom of the hand, one can opt to wear it on the top or bottom, depending on their preference.

Exploring Alternative Ways to Wear a Wedding Ring Set

As the significance of wedding rings has evolved over time, brides have discovered alternative ways to showcase this symbol of love. Athletes or professionals with hands-on jobs, for instance, may choose to wear their rings on necklaces to accommodate their hand movements. Some brides prefer to wear the wedding band on top as it follows the order in which they received their jewellery pieces. Others may alternate the ring order based on their mood, while some opt for separate finger placements instead of a traditional stack.



Bespoke Engagement ring and matching wedding band designed by Layla Kaisi Collection


An emerging trend of brides incorporating two bands, one for the top and one for the bottom, to create a visually dynamic set. In certain cases, a third band is gifted or bought later to complete the ring stack or set, this ring is often an eternity band. 

Helpful Tips for Your Wedding Ring Set

When planning your wedding ring set, consider your engagement ring as the focal point since it was the first ring you received. While perfect matching isn't necessary, complementary details like matching diamond shapes or similar metal hues can enhance the visual appeal.

Prior to your big day, try on your wedding ring set to ensure a cohesive look. If you opt for more than two rings, consider incorporating coloured gemstones for a unique and statement-making touch. Don't shy away from experimenting with different wedding ring styles and the order that resonates with your style.

Ultimately, wearing a wedding ring set should be a reflection of your individuality and love story. Embrace the opportunity to create a set that is as unique as your journey together.


Bespoke Engagement ring and matching wedding band designed by Layla Kaisi Collection 


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