Men's Ring: The Complete Guide

Men's Ring: The Complete Guide

Rings are one of the most popular forms of jewellery for men and have been worn throughout history as a representation of authority and prestige. Today men's rings are worn for any reason the wearer chooses; this can represent a loved one, family, marriage or style. Here is the complete guide to navigating the ins and outs of wearing men's rings.

What are rings worn by men?

Rings are used for self-expression, romance, and representation of personal importance. At LKC, we believe that jewellery is an expression of personal narrative, and rings give the perfect platform to detail a moment in time for those who wish to adorn themselves, men and women alike. 

Importance of Men's Rings

Men have worn rings throughout history as a representation of power and wealth. These rings were often signet rings that featured an engraved family crest and were used to sign documents in ink and as betrothal rings to signify the contract of two families uniting. Male wedding rings, however, are a newer addition to the wedding ceremony and were beginning to be a trend in the 20th century.

Different types of men's rings

Wedding Ring

Wedding rings are given to their wearer during the wedding ceremony. They are exchanged with their partners along with vows to love and cherish them forever. The wedding band symbolises love for eternity. Male wedding rings are made from precious metals and can include creative precious gemstone designs or elements that match their partner's ring, an artistic form of unity.


A close-up of a Yellow Gold and Diamond Wedding band placed on the white shiny reflective surface.
Engagement rings for men have gained popularity since the early 21st century. Engagement rings are usually worn on the ring finger but can be worn on any finger or even on a neck chain . Engagement ring customs seem more traditional and less critical as the wedding industry continues to be modernised. There are no rules regarding if and how you wear an engagement ring.

Signet Ring

Men traditionally designed signet rings to display their family crest as a sign of wealth and prestige. Today they are worn by all, in various styles for fashion or symbolism to family history and loved ones. Signet rings act like a canvas for inscriptions or stone details as its surface is round and flat.


A close-up of a 18ct Gold Signet Ring placed on the white shiny reflective surface.

Pinky Ring

A pinky ring, in 2023 is worn as a fashion accessory. Although it has gone through many purposes in history, including being a position for a man's wedding ring, a ring worn on the pinky can represent something important to the wearer, traditionally a family crest or simply a style they use to express themselves.

Thumb Ring

Thumb rings are typically a more oversized style ring not only to fit onto the thumb but as this is their fashion. Traditionally these rings symbolise strength, wealth and status. As thumb rings tend to be bulky they are usually a statement piece rather than an everyday ring.

Fashion Ring

Fashion rings are used to accessorise. These rings are not fine jewellery, so they will not be as durable as their material will deteriorate more quickly. Fashion rings follow trends and will be worn temporarily when certain styles are popular and shift alongside style popularity.

Men's Ring Sizing Guide and Fit

How to measure your ring size?

To learn the best way to measure your ring size without a jeweller's assistance, look at our ring sizing guide!

Factors to consider when choosing a ring size

The factors you want to consider when choosing a ring are:

Comfort and security. This is hugely important because if the ring is uncomfortable, it is ill-fitting, and you won't wear it. However, your finger will fluctuate based on temperature and blood flow throughout the day. For example, when you first wake up, your fingers will be slightly larger than at the end of the day after they have been moving. Your fingers will also be marginally bigger during warmer temperatures. This means that when measuring your ring size, account for slight size changes. The best way to do this is to make sure the ring can come off with a slight wiggle of resistance. 


Platinum wedding ring with engraving inside the band


How to Choose the Right Men's Ring?

Personal Style & Preferences

The first step when choosing your ring is to do some research into the various kinds of rings there are, what aligns with your personal style and what reason you have to buy this ring. If you are buying a ring as a gift, you will need to ensure you know your loved one's personal taste. It may be that they prefer a more fine band and less detail for a more minimalist style or a bigger, more intricate ring design like a signet to stand out.

Quality & Durability

It is important to research the materials of your desired ring to ensure they fit within your budget and last. Precious metals such as gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum are the most durable materials; they will create the most long-lasting rings. Jewellers will also offer sterling silver as a cheaper alternative, but as sterling silver is a mixed metal, it will only last for a while.

Think about the ring's purpose

Thinking about the ring's purpose will add meaning to the design, and a reason to keep it forever, pass it on to family, give it as a gift and, most importantly, give you a reason to wear it.


Gold comfort band with Toi et Moi set modified pear cut diamonds


Take your finger size into account

The size of your finger will play a role in what time of ring will suit the shape of your fingers. If you have more petite and more slender fingers, a more dainty ring, rather than a thicker ring, may look best and suit your preference. It is essential to try on various styles before choosing your design, so you know what looks best.

Decide on a budget

A budget will play a huge part in designing your ring. This is where you will need to start so both you and your jewellery designer know what materials you are able to work with. Once you decide what budget suits you best discuss your options with your jewellery designer. 

Customisation and Personalisation


Engraving your ring is the perfect way to add more personalised detail to your jewellery. Most commonly, people will write a message of love or support to themselves (if the ring is for them) or their loved ones (if the ring is a gift). Sometimes people engrave names, dates, nicknames or coordinates with special meanings. This is becoming increasingly popular with wedding bands and engagement rings to add an extra detail of connection.


Gold wedding band with icon engraved on the inside of the band


Custom Design

Ring designs can be simple or extravagant, depending on your taste and style. Custom design means you choose every detail of the piece. You can select precious metals, gemstones, side stones, designs, settings, etc. However, this means you will need to research which details will suit your desired jewellery use. You must also work with a reputable bespoke jeweller to bring your piece to life. 

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning and polishing

When removing jewellery, wipe each piece gently with a soft microfibre or cotton cloth to remove any dirt/buildup of oils on the surface. Paper and rougher materials may cause micro-scratches on the surface of the piece, so they are best avoided.

To clean your jewellery more thoroughly and remove dirt from under the settings, we recommend first soak the pieces in a diluted solution of dishwashing liquid and warm water for five minutes.

Select a soft brush (a soft toothbrush is ideal) to gently scrub and remove any dirt/buildup stuck in the setting, then rinse thoroughly in clean, warm water. Dry your jewellery completely using soft, lint-free cloths


Platinum wedding bands


Storage and protection

To maintain the appearance of your jewellery, we recommend you store your jewellery separately in the protective boxes they come in at all times when not in use. This help to avoid natural scratching/ tarnishing that would occur when left with other jewellery/items.

The LKC experience

At Layla Kaisi Collection, you will be guided through the entire process of designing your fine jewellery, from the initial design stages through to the final product, with Layla herself. You will meet Layla to discuss every detail relevant to you to craft the perfect material reflection of your story. Choosing fine jewellery at LKC is about writing your story in the medium of fine jewellery rather than picking a generic piece off the shelf. 

Men's Rings FAQs

What finger should guys wear rings on?

There is no right or wrong finger to wear a ring on. If it is a wedding ring, it is usually worn on the 'ring finger' of the left hand. However, no rules limit you to which fingers you can wear any ring on. 

What finger do I put a ring on if I'm not married as a man?

If you are unmarried, avoid the second finger from the left on the left hand, known as the 'ring finger'. This finger may be an indicator to others that you are married.

How many rings should a man wear on each hand?

There is no right or wrong amount of rings for anyone to wear on each hand. You can wear many rings however you would like on each hand. 

What size ring do most guys wear?

The most popular ring size for men is S but the average ranges from size Q to U-½. 







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