The Significance of Bespoke Jewellery: How to Create a Piece that Tells Your Love Story?

The Significance of Bespoke Jewellery: How to Create a Piece that Tells Your Love Story?

What is Bespoke Jewellery? 


Memories, moments and significant details are imbued in jewellery. Whether it is a piece, you will pass down to the next generation or a design to symbolise a loved one. Bespoke Jewellery is similar to custom-made jewellery. It means each piece is unique and made specifically for the client rather than a generic piece picked by a client from a range of options. At Layla Kaisi, a bespoke collection means we work alongside you to create a piece that details your story.


A close-up of a Pear Cut Diamond Ring with the green stone placed on the white shiny surface.

Popular Types of Bespoke Jewellery

Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are one of the most popular types of bespoke jewellery as an engagement ring traditionally represents the love story of you and your partner. If you choose to design a bespoke engagement ring, you can personalise each and every element of the design to showcase something important to you and your partner.


A close-up of an Art Deco Baguette Diamond Ring placed on the white shiny reflective surface.

Wedding Bands

Wedding bands are commonly bespoke to work with the engagement ring so they fit together as a set. Bespoke wedding bands are also popular to have both wedding bands match or have an element of cohesion. This could be through precious metal, added gemstone detail or engravings representing the couple.


A close-up of a Yellow Gold Diamond Wedding Band placed on the white shiny reflective surface.

Necklaces, Bracelets and Earrings

Bespoke Jewellery enables you to craft a pendant into a representation of something important to you. It also means your design will be utterly unique to you and unlikely anything you could purchase off the shelf.


A beautiful Yellow Gold Pendant placed on the white shiny reflective surface.

How to Create a Bespoke Piece that Tells Your Love Story?

First, we discuss your style choices, along with any initial thoughts you have to help us build an idea of what you are after. Together we focus on the big picture of what you had in mind and begin laying down your piece's foundations. 

Next, we can advise different options and potential design styles to fine-tune the concept to your liking.

Finally, according to your design, we compare and discuss different stone options depending on your budget, preference and lifestyle.

From here, we can build an exact idea of what you are after and upon confirmation of the details; we can then calculate an accurate quote (including delivery and any necessary insurance) for you to review the final design.


A close-up of a hand showing a beautiful Nature Inspired Engagement Ring with a diamond placed on the white shiny reflective surface.

How to Work, and What to Expect from a Jewellery Designer to Create a Piece that Tells Your Love Story?

Jewellery is one of the most personal things you could ever own. When you work with a jewellery designer to create a piece to tell your love story, this should be at the heart of all creative decisions.

When you ask someone about a piece, the first thing they will do is tell you the story of not only where they acquired the item but for what reason, and who was involved and why it means something (and everything) to them. It is never about the design but the larger picture and story attached to the piece. Therefore, jewellery is a physical manifestation of narrative. No curve, accent, or setting is meaningless; everything is intentional, and everything is something to call yours.

This is what fine jewellery design is about to us at LKC. To give us the trust to join you in manifesting your story is a privilege second to none.


A photo of a Layla kaisi putting one-of-a-kind Bespoke Jewellery on the jewellery box.

Significance of Telling Your Love Story through Bespoke Jewellery

Personalisation and Customisation

With bespoke jewellery, you are at the centre of the design. You choose every detail to make you the essence of the piece. You are able to select any precious gemstone and metal that you feel reflects your story and taste.


A collection of one-of-a-kind Bespoke Rings placed on a box.

Unique and one-of-a-kind pieces

Arguably one of the best parts of bespoke design is that it is completely one-of-a-kind and unique to you. No one else will have that same piece. This is because it tells your unique story. A bespoke piece of jewellery becomes a conversation starter that only you can talk about.


A close-up of an elegant 18 Carat Gold Diamond Ring placed on the white shiny reflective surface.

Investment in a timeless piece

Jewellery, like fashion, goes in and out of trends and popular styles. However, a bespoke piece is beyond trends; it is personalised to you and will always stay in style. Bespoke Jewellery is also the perfect piece to turn into an heirloom to pass down to future generations.


A close-up of an elegant Marquise cut Diamond Ring placed on the white shiny reflective surface.

Storytelling and sentimental value

Jewellery is a manifestation of your narrative. You attach your story to the design, which creates sentimental value that no other piece of jewellery will have.


A beautiful Gold Ring with Engraving Inside placed on the white shiny reflective surface.

How can Layla Kaisi Collection help you create the perfect bespoke piece for your loved one?

Layla Kaisi Collection is a brand here to change the way you see jewellery.

We believe jewellery is about intimate conspicuousness. You will not just purchase a piece and forget it a year from now. Our designs are a collaboration. A collaboration with us, with you, with your lover. It is a two-way street, and we want to walk down this path with each of you.

We can tell you who designed your piece, who crafted it, where our stones are sourced, and what the story is, and you are who gets to be involved in every stage.

Each piece designed with us will carry meaning and moments that transcend time.


A close-up of a Yellow Gold and Diamond Wedding band placed on the white shiny reflective surface.


What does giving jewellery symbolise?

Giving jewellery often symbolises love and affection for someone. Traditionally giving precious gems meant you valued that person as someone of particular importance to your life.This still applies today; giving jewellery tells the ‘giftie’ that you deeply care about them.

Can I include a special message or engraving on my bespoke piece?

Yes! Including a special message on the inside or back of your jewellery, adds a little extra personalisation and meaning to your design.

Can I create a matching set of bespoke jewellery for couples?

Matching sets of bespoke jewellery are common when ordering wedding bands as the wedding parties each want to have something to symbolise each other and their marriage. Couples bespoke pieces are beautiful symbols of your love story.

How long in advance should I order a bespoke piece?

Please allow between 6-12 weeks for custom-made designs from the date of confirmed order and initial deposit payment.

How do I make an appointment for a bespoke jewellery consultation?

For our clients interested in bespoke pieces, please contact us to book an appointment for your consultation. LKC invites you to our studio to discuss design options and ideas.

Please email us at to enquire about this service and book a time and date which would be appropriate to hold our meeting.



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