Pink Diamonds 101: The Exquisite Rarity You Need to Know

Pink Diamonds 101: The Exquisite Rarity You Need to Know

Pink diamonds, the epitome of rarity and elegance, have become a beloved choice among jewellery enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. These captivating gemstones add a unique and luxurious touch to any ensemble. Let's dive into the fascinating world of pink diamonds and explore what makes them so special.

First and foremost, pink diamonds are extremely rare. Among the vast number of diamonds mined globally, only a small fraction exhibit natural colouration, and pink diamonds are among the most elusive. Their scarcity is what sets them apart.


Pink diamonds, worth significantly more than white diamonds, make up only 0.03% of global diamond production. Their scarcity drives up prices at auctions worldwide. Sotheby's in Hong Kong holds the record for the highest price per carat paid for a pink diamond, with The Williamson Pink Star setting a new benchmark. This extraordinary 11.15 carat fancy vivid pink diamond was sold in October for an astounding $5.1 million per carat, totaling an incredible $57.7 million. The Gemological Institute of America recognised its exceptional quality by grading it as Internally Flawless, a rarity among coloured diamonds. Pink diamonds are increasingly rare, with only around 50 to 60 high-quality stones entering the market each year. Despite their small size, often no larger than a pea, they are incredibly valuable, with a single carat fetching almost a million pounds. Larger top-quality pink diamonds, exceeding 2.00 carats, are exceptionally rare due to volcanic activity that shattered many of them. The discovery of the Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia in the late 1970s revolutionised the pink diamond industry, as it became the primary source, supplying 90% of the world's pink diamonds. Mining pink diamonds is costly, with less than 1.00 carat making it to tender for every million carats of rough diamonds produced, illustrating their scarcity.



Rare Large Oval Shaped Pink Diamond Solitaire Ring

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What makes pink diamonds so enchanting is their breathtaking colour. Ranging from delicate pastel shades to vibrant and intense hues, these diamonds exude a captivating and romantic aura. The spectrum of pink shades adds a touch of femininity and elegance to pink diamond pieces.

The origin of pink diamonds is still a subject of intrigue and debate. Pink diamonds, estimated to be 1.6 billion years old, possess a captivating mystery surrounding their colour origins. While the precise process remains uncertain, what we do understand is that diamonds, in general, form under immense pressure. Pink diamonds, however, undergo even greater pressure due to a slight distortion in their crystal lattice structure. This unique characteristic causes light to refract within the diamond, resulting in exquisite hues at the far end of the colour spectrum, including captivating pinks and radiant reds. The rarity and mystery surrounding pink diamonds have only fueled their desirability. 



The Williamson Pink Star Diamond

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When it comes to purchasing a pink diamond, it's crucial to consider the colour intensity and the overall quality of the stone. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) grades pink diamonds based on their colour intensity, with Fancy Vivid Pink being the most coveted and highly valued. The simplest way to gauge the value of pink diamonds is the more intense the colour, the more valuable the stone is. 

Whether you're looking to invest in a pink diamond or simply admire their exquisite beauty, these rare gemstones are sure to leave a lasting impression. From delicate pink hues that whisper romance to vibrant shades that make a bold statement, pink diamonds offer a touch of elegance and allure that is simply unmatched.



The Williamson Pink Star Diamond Ring
(Image Source: Tristan Fewings/Getty Images for Sotheby’s)


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