Trend Report: How to transition from clean-girl to mob-wife in 2024

Trend Report: How to transition from clean-girl to mob-wife in 2024

Here is LKC's breakdown of how to achieve ‘The Mob Wife Aesthetic’, the newest, hottest trend sweeping through digital fashion journals.

This new look is a fresh change and predictable trajectory of fashion aesthetics, moving away from the 'clean-girl' look that had us all in a choke-hold in 2023. The mob wife differs from trends such as the crochet-core or clean-girl aesthetic for its maturity. It's an aura of confidence. The mob wife is a woman of the world; she is forward, bold, sure of herself and her style.


Building the Foundation:

Sourcing those statement pieces. The basics of this aesthetic are minimalist and simple: dresses, tights, tailored pants, etc., but the key ingredient that actually transforms your look to 'mob-wife' is in the statement pieces.

Finding statement pieces is a hard task; you only need a handful, but each has a lot required of them. They will need to elevate many outfits rather than being the perfect item to complete just one outfit. You will be tempted to take the easy route and purchase the fast fashion pieces emerging from this trend, but to go down this path completely misses the idea of this aesthetic. A mob wife exudes maturity; she is a woman, she means business… She is business. Her clothing choices reflect that. This doesn't mean they are all designer and incredibly expensive, but they are curated, collected, and sourced. Take your time hunting for your handful of statement wardrobe pieces, and look for the pieces that transform you into your inner mob wife when you wear them.

High-Quality Statement Pieces:


Layla Kaisi Collection - OUTRÉ Edit | Liminal

Magda Butrym - Faux Fur-Trimmed Leather Jacket

LOEWE - Embellished Ribbed Cotton-Jersey Midi Dress

Jil Sander - Point-Toe Leather Knee-High Boots



Mob Wife Aesthetic Clothing Pieces


You can't go wrong with all black; in fact, if you look like you are going to a funeral, you know you are on the right track. Creating a mostly, if not completely, black outfit takes some practice. Since it isn't interesting through colour (as that TikTok sound goes), it needs to be interesting through shape. Play with mini dresses and long, floor-length coats to create visual contrasts. Add textured composition with belts and knee-high boots; this will help to create an interesting outfit out of an uninteresting colour.

Chic Funeral Attire:


Layla Kaisi Collection - OUTRÉ Edit | Cascade

Prada - Wool Mini Dress

JEN CEBALLOS X MANGO - Reversible sheepskin fur-effect jacket



Selection of Mob Wife aesthetic clothing pieces

Colour Palette:

The girls who thrive in deep, dark tones will love this aesthetic. The mob wife's colour palette includes deep, rich tones such as black, red, deep brown and burgundy. This palette is simple and easy to dress from, as all the tones will seamlessly work together.


Dark Wardrobe Hues:


Layla Kaisi Collection - One of a Kind | Duality

TOTEME - The Slim Croc-Effect Leather Knee Boots

Harris Tapper - Bea Top Rosso



Selection of Mob Wife aesthetic clothing pieces



More is more, our motto for 2024. Maintaining a strong pivot from clean girl minimalism, the mob wife accessorises with bold elements. Experiment with big sunglasses, red lips and diamonds wherever they may be put. Your accessories will be tasteful, fashionable and tailored to your own style within the mob-wife aesthetic.

Bold But Necessary Accessories:

Layla Kaisi Collection - The OUTRÉ Edit

Mui Mui - MU 09WS

Saint Laurent - YSL Shoulder Bag in Patent Leather



Selection of Mob Wife aesthetic clothing pieces
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