Trend Report: Office Siren Aesthetic

Trend Report: Office Siren Aesthetic

Here is LKC's breakdown of how to achieve 'The Office Siren Aesthetic', an aesthetic that goes by many names; you may know it as the 90's office chic aesthetic, officecore, corpcore etc. Essentially, each version titles the same look. The sexy, intelligent, fashionable office girl. Here is how you can be the 'it-girl' of the office. 


Building the Foundation:


The accessories and make-up are really the essence that creates this aesthetic. To make the canvas for the office siren aesthetic, think fashion editorial assistant, Anne Hathaway, running around New York in The Devil Wears Prada. As long as you have a mini skirt and a fitted shirt, you are ready to run down the streets of New York carrying Calvin Klein skirts and extra hot coffees. 


The Office Siren building blocks:


Layla Kaisi Collection - OUTRÉ Edit | Moment - Column Skirt Mini

Orseund Iris - Audrey Belted Mini Dress

Altuzarra - FALL 2020 READY-TO-WEAR



How to get the office siren aesthetic






90s fashion is at the core of this aesthetic. Use Rachel Green as style inspo and create a simple base with coherent composition. Use the basic styling tip, 'big top, little bottom and little top, big bottom. Play with layering shirts and blazers with mini skirts and sheer tights for tran-seasonal looks. The office siren is sleek and elegant, mixing feminine silhouettes with masculine 'office' attire. Tailored blazers and tapered suit pants will be your wardrobe favourites. 


Rachel Green 101:


Layla Kaisi Collection - OUTRÉ Edit | Cascade

Orseund Iris - Capri Knit Pant

Altuzarra - FALL 2020 READY-TO-WEAR



How to get the office siren aesthetic



Colour Palette:


As this aesthetic is at its foundation for a work day at the office, the colour pallet is mostly muted and office-appropriate. It's an outfit for a day in the city, and the colours reflect this. Grey, brown, black, white, earthy tonal colours and city landscape hues should fill your wardrobe. These muted tones mean that while the outfit is, of course, chic, it doesn't take away from your own beauty. As in the name, the office siren is stunning and captivating, much like mythical sirens. So, rather than the outfit being captivating, the office siren outfit supports your natural beauty, making you a captivating siren. 


City landscape palette:


Layla Kaisi Collection - One of a Kind | Collate

Source Unknown -  Semi-Sheer Collar Top, Taupe Brown

The Mannei - Ardar Vest Yellow 



How to get the office siren aesthetic





Arguably, the most transforming part of becoming an office siren is accessorising. Collecting your accessories to take you from chic to siren is where you will need to pay attention. It is all in the details. You will need elegant jewellery. It is extremely important that the pieces are fashionable, not trendy, not overly simplistic or minimal, but equally not loud and in your face. They compliment the look, not over-power it. If you can imagine the pieces in Vogue, they are perfect. 


In 2024, you need to be wearing glasses. Regardless of whether or not you actually need glasses, you should wear them. A pair of reading lenses will completely make your office siren outfit. If your eyesight is great, then purchase a pair of blue-light glasses which can protect your eyes from harsh screen light. Rectangular, vintage-inspired lenses are most iconically recognised for this aesthetic.


Lastly, make-up. You will want simple and minimal make-up, but make sure you highlight your natural features. Soft eyeliner to accentuate an almond eye shape and a dark nude lip liner to make your lips stand out in a very 90's-Hollywood way. 


Accessories for the city girl:


Layla Kaisi Collection - The OUTRÉ Edit

Lexxola - Alba/ black/ clear

Saint Laurent - Lido satin-crepe slippers



How to get the office siren aesthetic
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