LKC Diamond Vs Standard Diamond

LKC Diamond Vs Standard Diamond

At Layla Kaisi Collection our specialty is white glove sourcing the finest precious stones from our exclusive international suppliers. So what does this mean? 

Our diamonds are handpicked perfection. We go through literally hundreds of diamonds from these secret LKC suppliers to find the options that stand out from all the rest and are not available to other companies.

This means that we have to understand each piece from the inside out, from the classic 4Cs of the diamond, as well as:

  • proportions + ratio
  • faceting map
  • diamond depth %
  • girdle thickness and type (faceted or smooth)
  • crown height
  • fluorescence
  • inclusion distribution
  • TYPES of inclusions (pinpoint, feather, wisp etc)
  • overall brilliance and fire
  • certification type and more

Here are examples of an LKC diamond vs a general market diamond:



Both of these diamonds are certified E colour, SI1 clarity, Excellent Polish and Excellent symmetry.

This means according to their certificates they should be identical stones. However the stone on the right has visible inclusions running from top to bottom, dark patches, and less brightness through the centre.

The diamond on the left, in contrast, is hand picked by us due to the uniform brightness from top to bottom, no visible inclusions despite the SI1 clarity grading, and brilliance through the entire stone.

To put it simply, the diamonds we use for our clients are so meticulously selected that they have to be perfect in not only what they say on paper, but pass our strict quality checks that set them apart from any other piece.

We work through hundreds of diamonds to select a curated list of only the most exquisite pieces that are exemplary of the cut.


The diamond on the righ is a 1ct piece, but the dimensions are only 6.7mm long, most of the carat weight in this diamond is taken up by the depth. This means although it is 1ct, this diamond looks smaller in weight than it should. Faceting has dark zones that do not reflect light optimally and the inclusions are obvious on the face of the diamond. 

The diamond on the left is also a 1ct piece with dimensions that are 8.28mm long. The diamond is not cut too deep but at just the right depth for maximum brilliance. The dimensions are instead spread across the piece, giving this diamond a much larger look than the 1ct weight standard. The facets are perfectly cut, reflecting light across the entire piece from every angle. No inclusions are visible from the top view, so the clarity looks near perfect. 

What makes a diamond exceptional? The LKC Standard. 

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Ophelia Mason

Ophelia Mason is a writer, content creator, and author for the Layla Kaisi Collection Journal. She transcribes the beauty of artistically handmade jewellery. She is passionate about sharing the stories woven through each design and retelling the moments captured in each piece in imaginative detail. She has an eye for creative harmony and an appreciation for individual reflection in the form of unique jewellery.

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