Love Letter to Our Lovers

Love Letter to Our Lovers

Layla Kaisi Collection is a brand here to change the way you see jewellery


We are not the designs you see sitting at the bottom of your mums drawer, or the pieces you will see in a shop window. 


LKC is here for more. We are hungry for more. 


We believe jewellery is about intimate conspicuousness. You will not just purchase a piece to throw it on, then forget about it a year from now. Our designs are a collaboration. A collaboration with us, with you, with your lover. It is a two way street and we want to walk down this path with each of you. 


We can tell you who designed your piece, who crafted it, where our stones are sourced, what the story is; and you are who gets to be involved in every stage. 


We ask for more of you because we know each piece designed with us will carry meaning and moments which will transcend time. 


With you, we want to write stories in precious metal; to cement moments in design.


We are here to start a change in what it means to wear bespoke jewellery. One by one, each person we work with is starting a revolution with us. We are building a movement of LKC wearers. Let's turn design on its head, challenge us. 


Come with us into the centre of what it means to be part of our culture. 

Image of Ophelia Mason author for the Layla Kaisi Collection Journal

Ophelia Mason

Ophelia Mason is a writer, content creator, and author for the Layla Kaisi Collection Journal. She transcribes the beauty of artistically handmade jewellery. She is passionate about sharing the stories woven through each design and retelling the moments captured in each piece in imaginative detail. She has an eye for creative harmony and an appreciation for individual reflection in the form of unique jewellery.

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