Private Design Consults Only

Private Design Consults Only

Oftentimes new clients are surprised to hear that Layla Kaisi Collection does not operate out of a traditional retail store, we instead book bespoke consults via appointment only in our private studio space. This is in fact one of the key principles of Layla Kaisi Collection and our bespoke experience. 


It all comes down to the idea that we want to ensure that when you take the time in your life to come see us - you have our FULL attention. No we are not tossing between you and another "customer" whilst trying to land a sale. You, are it.

At LKC we make sure we book an entire slot for your private appointment just to get to know you. Because really, how can we design any piece without knowing the person behind the design. How can we claim to be involved, and romanticise the bespoke experience if we don't give a chance for organic conversation, connection and memory to become incorporated into each new handcrafted jewellery piece?

Another factor of having appointment only based consults means we circumvent 'window shopping' - you might ask why would LKC want to avoid this fun past time? We may even get new clients from the public passing by?

Simply put, we refuse to prey on the impulse buy. Everything we design and create is made with so much thought and intention. Jewellery to us is not an accessory - it is a fragment of time. A memory and a moment. 

To have it purchased through a sale, or from impulse will only take away your chance to a connection with this moment. 

You're worth more than a quick sale, a regrettable purchase; a fleeting loss of control.

You, and your design are worth the wait. Take a step back with us into slow, intentional creation. 


- Love, LKC x





Image of Ophelia Mason author for the Layla Kaisi Collection Journal

Ophelia Mason

Ophelia Mason is a writer, content creator, and author for the Layla Kaisi Collection Journal. She transcribes the beauty of artistically handmade jewellery. She is passionate about sharing the stories woven through each design and retelling the moments captured in each piece in imaginative detail. She has an eye for creative harmony and an appreciation for individual reflection in the form of unique jewellery.

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